Adam Morrison Remembers Michael Jordan’s Hilarious Response to a $300 Card Bet

Over the years, Hall of Famer Michael Jordan‘s legacy on and off the court has continued to build. There have been many stories to filter out that has only further spoken to the tremendous confidence that he had himself that fueled his performance on the hardwood floor. There wasn’t doubt in his own ability that made him a steady source of inspiration for the generations that have followed him. With that in mind, Adam Morrison recently discussed a hilarious story about Jordan‘s betting habits in a card game well into retirement that showcased his unwithering confidence.

Michael Jordan’s gambling habits

Beyond Jordan‘s phenomenal NBA career, what also draws attention is his strong connection to gambling, as that was a significant part of his life off the court.

The former Chicago Bulls great was notorious for his massive bets that there are multiple stories out there about his life in that realm. Anecdotes are ranging from him betting thousands of dollars on holes on the golf course to wagering millions at a craps table in casinos.

There wasn’t any in-between for Jordan as he had a strong affinity for gambling that was fueled by his competitive fire. That has been a part of him that has continued to remain well into retirement, which one of his former Charlotte Bobcats players talked about recently.

Michael Jordan’s amusing response to a $300 card bet

It’s well known that Jordan loves to compete in any fashion away from the basketball court as he perceived it as a challenge.

During a recent interview on ClutchPoints “Battle for LA” Podcast with Tomer Azarly and Ryan Ward, former NBA swingman Adam Morrison discussed an instance when the Hall of Famer participated in card games on the plane with Bobcats players that demonstrated his competitive nature perfectly.

“We used to play cards on the plane before all that crazy stuff in Washington went down,” Morrison said. “We’d play Booray. We’d play Texas Hold’em, and Mike, he barely flew with us, like I said, he wasn’t the GM. He wasn’t the owner. He was a minority owner then, but he flew with us on one of the road trips, and somebody asked him, ‘Hey, do you want to play cards with us?’ He was like, ‘Sure.’ But then we were like you can’t bring like $50,000 and bet everybody off every hand. We’re going to cap it at like a $1,000 bet a street, max.

“So, him and Gerald Wallace were in a hand, and I’m a poker player, so I don’t know if you guys are, but there was a straight draw, flush draw on the flop and you could tell Mike was drawing to something and Gerald bet $300 into him. Mike literally goes, ‘$300? I could watch two monkeys f**k for $300!’

Although it wasn’t betting anywhere near the level Jordan has participated in for years, that experience further shows the unwavering confidence that he has. His playing days may be well behind him, but his competitiveness is something that will never leave him.

Michael Jordan’s legacy

Jordan’s gambling addiction has been a significant part of his life throughout the years, which certainly shows another side of him.

At the same time, it rings clearer the qualities that fueled his passion and drive on the basketball court over his 15-year NBA career. Jordan was an extremely confident player in his ability and had the trash talk to back it up along the way. It was apart of who was and continues to be well into his retirement.

Jordan’s lore features many stories from over the years that continue to underline the iconic self-confidence that has drawn so many sports fans to him beyond the realm of basketball. It’s just who he is and what helped make him who he became on the hardwood floor.