Adam Silver Seems Ticked off by Handling of James Harden-Ben Simmons Trade

The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers ended their troubling situations by trading their disgruntled star players for each other. James Harden got his wish to get out of Brooklyn and play for the team he wanted to join all along. Meanwhile, Ben Simmons gets a fresh start with the Nets, where he will play with two other stars in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

However, these situations didn’t play out smoothly by any means, as Harden essentially forced his way out, and Simmons chose to stay away from the 76ers. All that led NBA commissioner Adam Silver to air his dismay with how everything unfolded.

James Harden-Ben Simmons trade ends lingering headaches

Ahead of the trade deadline, the bulk focus centered on the lingering issues with Harden and Simmons’ situations.

The two All-Stars finally got a resolution that gives them a fresh start elsewhere to reignite their respective careers. They handled their matters much differently, but both were no longer happy playing for their teams.

Much of that dialogue led the issues to play out publicly, creating more scrutiny, criticism, and distractions that the 76ers and Nets had to address constantly. All of which commissioner Adam Silver hopes to avoid moving forward when the next disgruntled player wants a trade.

Adam Silver doesn’t sound happy about the handling of the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade

Since last offseason, the drama around Ben Simmons became a prominent matter in Philadelphia that never entirely shifted into the background.

Meanwhile, James Harden’s situation with the Nets worsened weeks ahead of the trade deadline. All of which left commissioner Adam Silver bothered by how the internal conflict played out publicly. During an interview on ESPN’s Get Up on Wednesday, commissioner Adam Silver voiced that he’d prefer that teams and players handle trade chatter privately.

“First of all, you always hope that those situations don’t play out publicly,” Silver said. “I recognized that there are going to be situations where players are going to be unhappy or teams are going to be unhappy with them. But ideally, when players want to get traded or teams are preparing to make moves, those are conversations they have confidentially with players and confidentially with other teams.

“Obviously, in this case, it’s not only played out publicly but it’s played out since the season began, particularly with Philly.”

Silver is well aware that the NBA is a star-driven league. However, his issue sits with players and teams generating negative spotlights. The NBA certainly doesn’t want that to become a constant theme each time a player or organization moves toward separation.

The troubling part of the situation was that it marked the second time in a year that Harden forced a trade. Meanwhile, Simmons tried to keep his unhappiness squared away from the team, but the unresolved matter hovered over the franchise for months.

At the same time, Silver should realize that rumors and behind-the-scenes chatter are part of the business. That is especially the case for the numerous reporters covering teams and the league aboard. Ultimately, he wants future matters to play out more cleanly and smoothly.

Adam Silver hopes to improve the handling of future conflict

The Harden and Simmons situations certainly won’t mark the last time that a player pushes for a trade.

The NBA hopes to use those conflicts as a point of reference to help teams navigate the stressful matter. Silver recently voiced he hopes to find ways to help improve the system to ease that process.

“I accept that there will always be conversations behind closed doors, when teams are unhappy, or players are unhappy, [but] the last thing you want to see is for these issues to play out publicly,” Silver said to Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. “One of the things that I continue to do in my role is to think about ways we can improve the system.”

Silver and the NBA hold an optimistic mindset, but it can only help avoid troubling matters from becoming worse.

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