Albert Pujols Just Set Another MLB Record

The sun is setting on the long, glorious career of L.A. Angels slugger Albert Pujols. And while he is currently only a fraction of the player he once was, that does little to detract from the fact that his career is one of the best of this era.

Pujols recently set another MLB record in a career full of shining achievements. Let’s take a closer look at which one he just broke. 

Albert Pujols’ career accomplishments

Pujols’ career began with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2001. He helped the Cards win two World Series in that time frame – 2006 and 2011. Following the 2011 season, he signed a ten year deal with the Angels. He’s had a productive run for L.A., even if he’s never quite reached the heights he did in St. Louis. 

Pujols may not be the player he was, but he has a resume to go up against some of baseball’s all-time greats. Check out a few of the achievements of this inevitable first-ballot Hall of Famer

  • Wins Above Replacement (WAR) level of 100
  • 652 home runs
  • .300 career batting average
  • 2,058 RBI
  • 1,817 runs scored
  • .379 on-base percentage
  • .550 slugging percentage
  • .929 OPS
  • 112 stolen bases
  • Three-time Most Valuable Player
  • Rookie of the Year Award winner
  • 10-time All Star
  • Two-time Gold Glove winner
  • NLCS Most Valuable Player
  • Two-time World Series Most Valuable Player

Albert Pujols’ place in the MLB record books

When you play as long as Pujols has, you’re bound to either hold a few records or find yourself fairly high in multiple categories. He’s the active leader in multiple categories. Regarding his standing among the all-time record-holders, here are some of the categories in which Pujols finds himself ranking highly: 

  • Home runs: 652, sixth
  • Doubles: 655, eighth
  • RBI: 2,058, fifth
  • Hits: 3, 178, 16th 
  • Total bases: 5,821, sixth

While Pujols does rank high in all these categories, until recently there was only one record he held, and it is somewhat unfortunate: he’s grounded into more double plays (391) than anyone in history. Now he has another record to detract from that rather dubious one. 

The new MLB record

On August 14, Pujols broke the record for hits by a foreign-born player. The previous record-holder, Adrian Beltre, retired just last season. According to Yahoo, the player closest to Pujols is currently Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera is unlikely to catch him, as he’s 36 years old, his production has slowed considerably, and he’s not even at 3,000 hits yet. 

Pujols has never been one to brag about himself. When asked about the record, Pujols was predictably humble about it (quote via ESPN): 

“Forget about the record. It’s my job to come here every night and try to help this ball club to win when I can…With my defense or with my offense when I get that opportunity, and that’s what I did tonight. It was an effort where everybody contributed.”

Despite his humility, look for Pujols to hit a few more milestones before he leaves the game. He’s most likely not done crossing barriers