Alex Rodriguez Thinks His Half-Brother Victor’s Career Is ‘Far More Impressive’ Than His Own

Alex Rodriguez has had an expansive MLB career with the Mariners, Yankees, and Rangers, despite many controversies. What’s more unique, Rodriquez’s half-brother, Lt. Col. Victor M. Rodriguez, had an admirable career, too. The two are very different and barely knew each other for many decades. Here’s how they reunited and what Alex thinks about his half-brother.

Alex Rodriguez’s family and career

Throughout his 22-season career, Alex is often hailed as one of the greatest MLB players ever. He was born on July 27, 1975, in Washington Heights (Manhattan) to Victor and Lourdes Rodriguez. Alex was raised with two half-siblings from his mother’s first marriage. As a 4-year-old, his family moved to the Dominican Republic then Miami.

Alex grew up watching the New York Mets. In high school, the star shortstop earned a national championship, All-American, and USA Baseball Junior Player of the Year. Although he planned to play baseball for Miami of Florida, he turned down the offer after the Seattle Mariners chose him in the first round of the 1993 amateur draft. Later, he signed with the Texas Rangers and then the New York Yankees.

In 2002, Alex married Cynthia Scurtis, with whom he had two daughters in 2004 and 2008, respectively. The couple divorced in September 2008, amid reports of Alex’s extramarital affairs. Since 2017, he’s been dating Jennifer Lopez. The couple got engaged in 2019.

Rodriguez’s controversies

In 2007, Alex denied steroid use, but reports said he tested positive in 2003. No penalties occurred but required testing and penalties began in 2004. Later, Alex admitted to the illegal use of steroids from 2001 to 2003. Although the test results leaked, Alex took full responsibility for his actions.

As a result of his illegal steroid use, he became a Taylor Hooton Foundation spokesperson to educate young people about the dangers of drug use. It has also been stated that Alex received human growth hormone. As a result, he was suspended in 2013 through the end of the 2014 season.

Alex Rodriguez reunites with his half-Brother Victor

Vic was born to Victor and Pouppe Rodriguez in 1960 and raised by his mother. Vic is an officer in the United States Air Force. In 2003, Alex and Vic met at a Texas Rangers game, ending a 23-year estrangement, where almost half of the estrangement was due to Vic’s overseas tour of 12 years.

Alex has said that Vic’s career “is far more impressive,” according to The New York Times. Their separation was due to being raised in different families and the significant age gap. In fact, by the time Alex entered kindergarten, Vic was already enlisted.

However, the half-brothers have become closer since the 2003 meeting, but there is still much more known about Alex than Vic. This is partly due to the careers chosen, where Alex lives in the public eye and Vic often cannot give his wife, Mona, information about his whereabouts.

The estrangement ended when Alex’s then-wife, Cynthia, learned Vic would be at a Texas Rangers game. The family received an invitation from Alex. The shortstop noted being nervous about meeting Vic, but this quickly went away as the half-brothers got to know each other.

Today, they spend time together when they can and the relationship is going strong with both men respecting the other and proud of the other’s career.