Alex Smith Refuses to Hide His Anger Toward the Washington Redskins

Former Pro Bowl quarterback Alex Smith is back in the headlines as he continues to progress with his recovery. Smith continues to work his way back from a freakish broken leg injury that took a turn for nearly the worst due to an infection. Since then, he has remained steady in rehab, which has him in position to potentially push toward getting back on the football field to resume his career. With that in mind, Smith has aired out his absolute dismayed with the previously known Washington Redskins.

Alex Smith continues quest for NFL return

Since suffering a tragic broken tibia and fibula fracture in 2018, it has been a difficult path back for Alex Smith.

Smith required immediate surgery to repair a spiral compound fracture in his right leg to his tibia and fibula. After he underwent the initial operation, things quickly took a scary turn as he developed a flesh-eating bacteria that began to eat away at his leg.

That led to him undergoing 25 total operations that included eight debridements, and 17 total surgeries in four different hospitals stays over nine months. That had even created conversation around possible amputation above the knee. Smith was able to recover from that point forward to retain his leg that saw skins grafts used to during surgery involving transferring muscle from his left quadriceps to save the area.

In the time that has followed that scary period, Smith has continued to progress as he shed the bulk leg brace and has now finally received clearance from his surgical team to return to football activity. After all that, Smith is now fuming at Washington for something not related to football.

Why Alex Smith is pissed off at the Washington Redskins

Alex Smith continues to work his way into a possible NFL return; it’s hard for him not to notice the recent internal issues that Washington has had these last several weeks.

Beyond being forced into a name and logo change, the franchise was embroiled in accusations of alleged misconduct toward women working within the organization. Smith didn’t mince his words in response to these issues, voicing his disgruntlement with the entire situation while calling for a whole overhaul of the environment and culture, according to Stephania Bell of ESPN.

“We’re football players, and out on the field but there are a lot of parts of the building that go into game day and a season and the whole business side of the building, and to hear that some of this had been going on, I certainly don’t think players ever knew about it, but it’s not something any of us are proud of and it needs to be changed,” Alex Smith said. “I have a wife, a daughter, two sisters, and to ever think about something like that happening to them disgusts me and pisses me off so hopefully we get to where we need to be, an environment and a culture that’s acceptable for everybody and lets everybody thrive and is safe for everybody.”

It’s quite difficult for any player not to be disappointed in the internal handling of these situations involving female employees. These are serious matters that present a terrible reputation and make the franchise an unworkable place. The players have no parts in these situations, but the fact that the internal issues were running prevalent without stepping Dan Snyder stepping in makes things much worse.

Much change needed ahead


Washington Redskins Just Revealed Their New Name

Team owner Dan Snyder has come out with a clear-cut statement that calls for change within the franchise, but that needs to be proven with actions.

Washington is in a tight spot where much change must happen across the board beyond their pending name situation. Many things must completely alter within the franchise on many levels. Alex Smith’s anger has toward the internal issues is likely how many of the team’s players feel about the entire matter.

If anything, this serves as an even more definite wake call that massive change is needed to make the franchise a respectable.