Allen Iverson Admits He Hates a Certain Media Member

Allen Iverson cemented his NBA career, and he will be a player that people will always talk about. The Hall of Fame guard had a career to remember, and he was a fearless leader on the court.

Recently Iverson appeared on the “All The Smoke” podcast hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, and during the podcast, he expressed his hatred toward a certain media member.

You can’t talk about the all-time greats and not mention Allen Iverson

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Iverson spent 14 seasons in the NBA and impacted the game in a big way. His time with the Philadelphia 76ers was the highlight of his career. Iverson won an NBA MVP award during his time in Philadelphia and led the 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals. He also led the league in scoring four times during his time with the 76ers. Iverson averaged 27.6 points playing with the 76ers. 

He was a fan favorite in Philadelphia, and he had a lot of love for the fans there. It was no question that Iverson was the face of the franchise, and he was the star on the team. Iverson was never the biggest player on the court, but he played like he was. He was always fearless when he stepped on the court, and he was going to make sure that he left his all out there when the game was over. When he left Philadelphia, the fans were sad to see him go because he did so much for the franchise and turned the team around.

After playing in Philadelphia, Iverson spent time with the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, and Memphis Grizzlies before going back to Philadelphia to finish his final NBA season. For his career, he averaged 26.7 points, 6.2 assists, and 3.7 rebounds. He was an 11-time All-Star and a seven-time All-NBA selection.

Allen Iverson changed the culture of the NBA

Iverson was a trendsetter when he played in the league. You didn’t see players wearing do-rags, or chains and baggy clothes until Iverson entered the league. Some people labeled him as a thug because of the way he dressed. But he did not pay any mind to that as he continued to go out there and play at a high-level. Just because he had many tattoos and liked to wear jewelry didn’t make him a thug or anything like that; he was just a basketball player doing what he enjoyed doing. 

Before the NBA implemented the dress code in 2005, players were dressing up just like Iverson. They came to games wearing baggy jeans and different jerseys. Iverson was a trailblazer for starting that whole trend. Not only did he make an impact on the court, but he also made an impact off the court as well.

Iverson appeared on a podcast, and his hatred toward a certain person

Iverson recently appeared on the “All The Smoke” podcast and talked about various things with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. There was a moment during the podcast where Iverson expressed his hate for someone. Now Iverson did not say who that person was, but he did clarify that it was not Skip Bayless.

“Trust me, I don’t hate nobody, yes I do, I hate you,” Iverson said. After that small rant that Iverson had, many people started to wonder who he was talking about. It may be a mystery forever unless that person he talked about admits that it was them or if Iverson says who he was talking about, but that most likely won’t happen. Either way, the world knows that there’s somebody out there that Iverson hates.