Allen Iverson Named Stephen Curry the Point Guard in His All-Time Starting Five and Made Steph Turn Red: ‘Lowkey, I Always Wanted to Be Like Allen Iverson’

Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson are right near the top of the list of the greatest guards in NBA history. But the two are even higher on the list of most popular players in league history. The current Golden State Warriors star and former Philadelphia 76ers legend both altered the way the game is played and watched.

When kids step onto a basketball court now, they pull up from 30 feet and emulate Steph. The generation before, kids stepped onto a playground and tried to cross over defenders like AI.

As it turns out, even Chef Curry tried to cook up some of The Answer’s moves. Because who wouldn’t want to be like Allen Iverson?

Stephen Curry has changed basketball during his time with the Warriors

Allen Iverson had high praise for Stephen Curry and the Warriors star returned the favor.
Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson during NBA All-Star Weekend on Feb. 19, 2017. | Johnny Nunez/GC Images

Steph has been mired in a fairly rare mid-season slump. But before said slump, Curry started the year on an all-time pace. Literally.

This season alone, he’s set the NBA record for:

  • Career three-pointers made
  • Consecutive games with a three-pointer made
  • First player to make 3,000 threes in a career

These records are in addition to the ones he already holds, like the most three made per game, most three-pointers made in a single season, most games with more than 10 threes made, and most threes made in a calendar month.

Curry’s ability to knock down shots from deep from any spot on the floor, at any angle, and any distance has changed the way basketball is played.

Iverson has taken notice of what the Baby-Faced Assasin has done, and evidence shows that he holds him in the highest regard.

Allen Iverson put Steph at the point guard spot on his all-time NBA starting five

AI had no problem listing Curry as the floor general on his all-time starting five. The answers to this particular question vary from player to player and are, at times, controversial.

Iverson was accused of recency bias with his specific squad, but he said the two-time MVP deserved his spot.

The Answer answered (sorry for the pun) this specific question on the Complex Sports’ Load Manage podcast (h/t The Athletic):

“I love Steph so much,” he said. “That’s why I made him my point guard. I think he changed the game sort of like I did.

“Greatest shooter that will ever play the game — that’s what I think. The greatest basketball player I’ve seen with a jumper and handles like that. I’m just a big Steph Curry fan.”

After injuring his elbow in 2017, Steph was forced to wear an arm sleeve. When asked about it, Curry returned the favor after being included in the Hall of Famer’s five, per Slam Online:

“Lowkey, I’ve always wanted to be like Allen Iverson,” he said.

Haven’t we all?

The arm sleeve made it possible, if only for a night. But the fact that even a player as great as Curry felt like The Answer just because he wore an arm sleeve shows the effect Iverson had on NBA culture.

AI is responsible for changing the game in a different way

If Steph changed the way the game is played on the court, the 2000-01 MVP changed the game off the court. He brought a swagger and style to basketball no one had ever seen before.

From the aforementioned arm sleeve to the corn rows and the headband, Iverson showed off his personality. Not many had ever been so brazen about it until he came along.

Both players are legends, both will be Hall of Famers once Steph retires, and both changed the game of basketball entirely — not just the NBA. And even Curry recognizes the special effect Bubba Chuck had on the generations that followed him.

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