Allie LaForce’s Husband Has Earned $45 Million Playing Baseball

The spring is when Allie LaForce and Joe Smith, two experts at their respective crafts, get to shine.

LaForce, a veteran reporter for TNT, is a busy bee between the NCAA tournament and the NBA playoffs. Her husband, Joe, is a veteran relief pitcher for the Houston Astros who is looking to finally win a World Series ring. 

Allie LaForce is a popular basketball reporter

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March means that Allie LaForce is on a TV near you. 

A former model and the Miss Teen USA 2005 winner, LaForce has been a popular broadcaster since she joined CBS in 2014. LaForce replaced Tracy Wolfson as the sideline reporter for the SEC on CBS, a role that she held through 2017. 

LaForce joined Turner in 2018 and works as a sideline reporter for the network’s NBA and NCAA Tournament broadcasts. 

Although she doesn’t cover baseball, fans of the national pastime may know Allie LaForce as the wife of Houston Astros relief pitcher Joe Smith. According to, the two were married in January 2015, nearly a year after LaForce signed with CBS.

Her husband, Joe Smith, is a veteran baseball pitcher

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New York Mets fans of a certain age might remember when Joe Smith, then a top prospect, debuted during the 2007 season. 

Years later, Smith is a veteran reliever and one of the sport’s oldest active pitchers. The crafty pitcher turns 37 on March 22 and is still performing ata high level. 

In 13 MLB seasons, Smith is 50-29 with a 2.98 ERA across 782 games. Known for his side-arm windup, Smith went 1-0 with a 1.80 ERA in 28 regular-season games for the Astros in 2019 but had a 5.40 ERA in the World Series. 

The veteran reliever opted out of the 2020 season for personal reaosns. Smith rejoined the Astros for spring training this year. 

According to Baseball-Reference, Smith has earned over $45.1 million in his career. He will make another $4 million this season before hitting free agency. 

LaForce and Smith have big springs ahead

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March is a very busy month in the Joe Smith and Allie LaForce household. 

LaForce recently worked the NBA All-Star Game for TNT and is expected to continue in her duties for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. In past years, LaForce worked with Brian Anderson and Chris Webber, the five-time NBA All-Star.

Smith pitched a scoreless inning in his first game for the Astros this spring. Although his $4 million salary and age make him a safe bet to start the season on the Astros’ 25-man roster, he’ll need to prove that he still has his touch after missing last season. 

Smith has not announced if the 2021 campaign will be his last in the majors. If it is, LaForce should expect to see her husband around the house more next year.

All stats courtesy of Baseball-Reference.