Amanda Nunes May or May Not Have Had COVID-19 Earlier This Year

Amanda Nunes is arguably the best woman to ever fight in the UFC, and she’s had to beat a lot of opponents. For example, she’s dominated champs like Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, and Cris Cyborg. But she may have also had to fight against an opponent that millions of people are fighting right now, the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Amanda Nunes’ career so far 

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When the UFC allowed women to compete in the organization, Nunes wasn’t really on anyone’s radar. She had knocked out a few notable women, but she had also lost to others.

That said, things started changing really fast in the world of women’s MMA in 2016. Rousey was shockingly knocked out by Holly Holm, and then Holm got choked out by Miesha Tate. Tate needed an opponent, and with a decent win streak to her name, Nunes got the shot. 

Nunes beat up and choked out Tate in the first round, and then, later in the year, she knocked Rousey out in under a minute. While these two fights were impressive, Nunes wasn’t done yet.

Not long after, the UFC gave her a shot against Cris Cyborg, the women’s featherweight champ who was known for her knockout power and her impressive win streak that spanned over a decade. 

But, just like she did with Rousey, Nunes knocked Cyborg out in less than a minute. And to put a cherry on top of her impressive win streak, she then knocked out Holm in the first round.

No other woman has had as impressive of a record as she’s had, and that’s why she’s considered the GOAT of women’s MMA.

Amanda Nunes fights COVID-19

As MMAFighting reported, Nunes said that, when the pandemic was starting to take over the world, she was at a convention in Vegas. She said that this convention was visited by people from all over the world, and when she flew home to Florida, she felt extremely sick.

The champ said that this wasn’t like any other sickness that she’s ever had, either. “I’ve never felt that in my life; I was in bed for two or three days,” Nunes said.

She said that, like many other people at the time, she couldn’t get tested. On top of that, despite quarantining herself, she thinks that she may have infected her partner, Nina Ansaroff.

The champ said that, when she started recovering, Ansaroff started showing symptoms herself. Since Ansaroff is pregnant with their baby, she went to the hospital to make sure that everything was fine. 

Nunes said that the doctors tested Ansaroff for everything except COVID-19, and they all came back negative. Ansaroff recovered, but due to these circumstances, the champ thinks that she and her partner more than likely had COVID-19. 

The UFC tries to make sure that everyone is safe

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Amanda Nunes most recently fought at UFC 250 in Vegas inside a closed arena, and she was subjected to the UFC’s new COVID-19 testing policies. The UFC, like the WWE, has decided to resume its events with stricter policies in the name of safety. One of those new policies includes testing fighters and isolating them before fights. 

In one of the UFC’s first events during the pandemic, one fighter, Jacare Souza, tested positive for COVID-19, and he was removed from the card. The only people who were affected by this positive test were Souza’s corner-men, so the UFC’s policies may have worked.

In preparation for Nunes’ fight in Vegas, the UFC and Nunes have also taken similar precautions, and she hasn’t tested positive in any of the UFC’s tests. This means that she’s not currently sick with COVID-19, but it’s not clear if she’s already had it in the past.