Amazon Wants to Take a $70 Million Gamble on the NFL for Black Friday 2022

The NFL and Amazon Black Friday game was initially scheduled for 2023, but Amazon has increased its bid to between $70 million and $100 million for the game. This means that the game has a higher probability of happening this year on Nov. 25th.

As it ventures into the world of sports, Amazon Prime has faced a lot of rejection from Sean McVay and Troy Aikman. The search for someone to join the Amazon Prime broadcasting team for Thursday Night Football might end after Amazon expects to land Kirk Herbstreit. Maybe Amazon’s luck could change and have a Black Friday NFL game in 2022 even though they are taking a considerable risk and facing a couple of challenges.

On Twitter, a report from NBC Sports NFL insider Peter King says, “I’m hearing that the NFL will not play a Black Friday game on Amazon Prime, or anywhere, in 2022. Lots of issues. A 7th national game in one weekend was tough, as was the fact that it would be wedged right after the USA-England World Cup game. Look for a 2023 Black Friday game.”

How is Amazon willing to gamble $100 million?

An Amazon ad board at an NFL game held at Century Link Field between the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks
An Amazon ad board at an NFL game | Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

American football fans have always looked forward to Thanksgiving Day not for having time to gather with loved ones but also for the games always scheduled for this weekend holiday. Amazon is planning such games on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, to increase the number of views of the game since most people are on holiday. The games would be scheduled after the FIFA WORLD CUP game and before prime time; this will be a massive gain for NFL. The games would stream, and since most people are at home, this makes it the best chance for the NFL to achieve high viewership ratings.

Why is Amazon willing to gamble $100 million?

Amazon is trying to find more revenue as it ventures into NFL Thursday night packages of games. With the possibility of the games taking place on Black Friday, Amazon hopes to get more Amazon Prime subscribers, who will pay $8.99 a month to have exclusive access to all NFL games played on Thursday night, according to the website NJ. Black Friday is the most intense shopping day, and it would be a field day for amazon to have a game on after Thanksgiving.

Challenges of scheduling an NFL game on Black Friday

Select which teams to play and against who is a challenge for Black Friday games. More importantly, is it a game Amazon Prime subscribers would pay to access? There are about six National TV games scheduled that weekend; hence having unique matches and teams fans would like to go head to head will earn Amazon a good chance of having high numbers of subscribers and viewership.

As we all know, FIFA World cup games are happening in 2022, and the time for NFL and Amazon games has a very narrow window to seize the opportunity. The game needs to be after the FIFA WORLD CUP game since the U.S. men’s national team is playing against England at 2 pm ET in Qatar, right before primetime.

As negotiations go on and a deal is had between both parties, they need to consider the fans and the players who will have to add one more game in a single week. Both sides will benefit hugely from the Black Friday game and are determined to have the game this year or, at the latest, during Black Friday 2023.

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