Andre Drummond Was Not Happy About His Pistons to Cavs Trade

The NBA trade deadline is now officially over, and several teams are sitting with stronger rosters. Some players, however, are not happy about the need to move to a new city. Former Detroit Piston Andre Drummond has been the most vocal in expressing his disappointment in being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before we discuss Drummond’s displeasure, let’s take a look at his career and the details of the trade.

Andre Drummond’s career in the NBA

In 2012, Andre Drummond was the ninth overall draft pick by the Pistons. He signed there and played there ever since, and he averaged 17.7 points per game and led the NBA in rebounding (15.8 per game) this season. 

Drummond has been among the league leaders for rebounds since the 2013-14 season. A key player for the Detroit Pistons for the past eight seasons, Drummond’s move to the Cavs will be his first time playing for another team in the NBA. Drummond ranks No. 87 on Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes of 2019. In 2017, he signed the biggest contract extension in Piston’s history with a five-year deal valued at $127 million.

Fans are baffled by the move

With only a few hours left for the trade deadline clock to run out, the Detroit Pistons made a surprise move by trading eight-year veteran Drummond. Fans were baffled by the move, setting out to social media to discuss their dismay. No one quite understands the move and feels Cleveland will be a short-term home for Drummond. Fans tried to make sense of why two non-contending teams would make a trade for a player that will likely bolt town at the end of the season.

Details of the Drummond trade

The Detroit Pistons sent Drummond packing in exchange for Brandon Knight and John Henson. They also received a future second-round draft pick in 2023. Knight, who started with the Pistons in 2011, will return to the team with an average of 4.9 points and 1.3 rebounds. Henson, who played seven years for the Milwaukee Bucks, is averaging 5 points and 3.9 rebounds. Both Knight and Henson have expiring contracts, so it seems the Pistons basically traded their best player for zero assets and the promise of cap room for the 2020 free-agency period.

Drummond’s reaction was similar to the fans

Drummond’s ability to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season most likely led to the trade. He recently expressed his desire to decline the $28.75 million option in 2020-21. Still, heading to Ohio to play for the Cavs came as a surprise.

An hour after the news broke, he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the decision made by the Pistons management team. Less than a week later and the All-Star is already wearing the maroon colors, trying his hardest to embrace his new role with the Cavs.

What’s next for Andre Drummond

Longtime Detroit Pistons' star Andre Drummond didn't seem very happy about his trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Andre Drummond. | Jason Miller/Getty Images

After the move to the Cavs, it is highly unlikely Drummond will see a desirable contract offer coming his way. There are only a few NBA teams that have remaining cap space in the coming season, and none of them are expressing interest in obtaining the star center. 

The Cavs general manager, Koby Altman, recently told ESPN that Drummond is “a potential long-term play.” The Cavs didn’t give up much to add Drummond, so they may be willing to keep him at all costs once contract talks start this summer. They are banking on Drummond working with Collin Sexton and Darius Garland to move the team up the Eastern Conference leaderboard. 

In the meantime, Drummond will bide his time and wait to see what offers come in with other hopeful contenders such as the Knicks and Hornets, two teams desperate to make a splash. Most likely, Andre Drummond won’t be wearing the Cavs jersey for very long.