Andrew Bynum Made a Lot of Money in the NBA Despite His Short Career

When the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Andrew Bynum straight out of high school with the No. 10 overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, the team envisioned another one-two punch with Kobe Bryant having another excellent big to bring in more titles for the team.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and Bynum’s career lasted just nine seasons. However, during that time he signed a few big-money contracts and built an impressive net worth. Today we will look at Bynum’s career and determine how much total money he made playing in the NBA. 

Andrew Bynum’s rookie deal

Bynum initially signed a two-year rookie deal with the Lakers worth $3.9 million. During his rookie season he didn’t see much playing time, averaging one point and two rebounds per game in limited minutes.

However, he was thrown into the starting lineup his second season, putting up seven points and six rebounds per game, while playing in all 82 games. This promise led to the Lakers investing in a future with Bynum.

Rookie options and extensions with Los Angeles

After his sophomore season, Andrew Bynum looked like a solid center LA could use as a complementary piece to pair with Kobe Bryant. The team exercised their rookie option for Bynum’s third season, which was worth $2.1 million. 

Playing in another successful and productive season where he averaged a double-double (13 points, 10 rebounds per game), the team exercised another option on the young center. This inked the 21-year-old to another one-year contract worth $2.7 million and would turn out to be the turning point in Bynum’s young career.

By his fourth year in the league, it was clear that Bynum was a hot commodity, even being rumored to be the key piece of a package deal the Lakers turned down when trying to acquire future Hall-of-Famer Jason Kidd.

He appeared in 50 games, with a stat line of 14-8. This led the team to offer him a four-year contract worth $41 million, and Bynum was out to prove the best was yet to come. 

Bynum would go on to average a career-high 18 points per game in the 2011-12 season, earning his lone All-Star game selection. The following season was lost due to a knee injury, and his career would never be the same.

Signing a free-agent deal with the Cavaliers

After being bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers in a four-team trade, Bynum was able to pick up a free agency deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This was during the 2013-14 NBA season but he didn’t have the same bounce in his step pre-injury.

He only averaged eight points per game before the Cavs traded him to the Bulls for draft considerations. When the Bulls released him the next day Bynum was viewed as an intriguing free agent for a number of teams.

Finishing his career in Indiana

Instead of waiting until after the league’s trade deadline, Bynum decided to sign a one-year contract worth $1 million dollars, but only appeared in two games for the Pacers. The team released him at the end of the season, sealing the end of his up and down career.

How much did Andrew Bynum earn?

Throughout his entire NBA career, Bynum earned $70.1 million between the four teams he played for. Although his career is marred by a key injury and backlash from Kobe Bryant’s leaked video about the failed trade, Bynum still had a respectable career by most standards.