Andy Murray’s Future in Tennis Still Isn’t Clear After ‘Resurfacing’ Documentary

Fans once believed Andy Murray would topple the three-headed monster of men’s tennis known as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. Now, Murray is wondering whether he can continue playing tennis at all. At just 32 years old, Murray has been plagued with injuries that make it painful for him to compete.

Andy Murray: Resurfacing gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the tennis star’s recovery from hip surgery. But even after the Amazon documentary ends, it’s not clear what’s next for Murray.

Andy Murray’s fascinating documentary

Andy Murray: Resurfacing premiered on Amazon Prime in November 2019. It offered viewers a fascinating look into the tumultuous life of Murray from 2017 until today. Director Olivia Cappuccini not only gives fans a candid look into the tennis star’s life but shows exactly what he went through in excruciating detail. 

Murray lets the viewers see not only on the extent of his physical pain after injuring his hip at the Washington Open but his mental pain, as well. This was when Murray first thought his career might be over:

“I was really, really emotional at the end of the match because I feel this is the end for me,” Murray said, according to BBC. “My body just doesn’t want to do it anymore and my mind doesn’t want to push through the pain … I was just hoping I was gonna feel better than this after 16, 17 months.”

The documentary shows an unconscious Murray as doctors drill and shave his hip bones. Viewers can see the cap attached to his hip joint and the application of a metal implant being hammered into his body. If it sounds uncomfortable to watch, that’s because it is. 

Resurfacing reveals that even elite athletes have physical and mental struggles. It offers viewers a look into what it’s like to rehabilitate from an injury that may mark the end of a career. Since the documentary aired, Murray’s triumphs and struggles have extended beyond what’s shown.

Andy Murray’s brief comeback

Despite the fear that Murray’s career was over, he returned in the summer of 2019. The tennis player competed in mixed doubles with Serena Williams and won a singles title at the European Open in Antwerp.

This was a far cry from January 2019, when fans expected Murray to play in his final Major. Now, he was talking about the future again. With the momentum going his way, Murray was excited to return to the Australian Open. (He played his last match there before deciding to undergo hip surgery.) 

Unfortunately, a groin injury in November 2019 added a hitch to his comeback tour. Murray had to sit out the next few tournaments with hopes that he could once again compete in Australia

Did Murray play in the Australian Open?

Murray prepared for months to return to the Australian Open, but the groin injury lingered in the weeks leading up to the tournament. This left him with no choice but to withdraw.

“I’ve worked so hard to get myself into a situation where I can play at the top level and I’m gutted I’m not going to be able to play in Australia in January,” Murray said, according to CNN. “… I was excited about coming back to Australia and giving my best, and that makes this even more disappointing for me.”  

It seems like Murray intends to keep playing despite these setbacks, however. The fact that he’s not mentioning retirement could be viewed positively. Murray has worked hard to heal his body. Even if he never returns to his prior form, there’s no shame in this tennis icon’s career.

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