Andy Reid Has Achieved Something No Coach has Done in NFL History

The NFL is trending toward younger head coaches, with more of them being hired in recent years. However, the old coaches are still getting the job done. Andy Reid is considered one of the older coaches, and he is continuing to strengthen his Hall of Fame resume. He has the Kansas City Chiefs rolling into the AFC Championship game against the Bills.

Reid has a lot of coaching success throughout his career, using his offensive genius to develop creative schemes. After leading Kansas City to their third straight conference championship game, he made NFL history. No other coach has done what Andy Reid just did.

Andy Reid is one of the most underrated coaches

When the greatest football coaches of all time come up, Andy Reid’s name isn’t brought up enough. In year 22 as a head coach, Reid is one of the most accomplished coaches in league history. He has worked with many great quarterbacks, helping them elevate their careers because of his offensive strategy. Not to mention Reid is a fun-loving guy who his players respect and appreciate.

One thing in common about all Reid coached teams is that they are lethal off of a bye week. Reid is 27-5 when his team plays after 12-14 days of rest in his coaching career. The AFC Divisional game against the Browns is a perfect example. Nobody knows Reid’s secret for the bye weeks, but it has been working his entire career. 

Wins is what matters in the NFL, and Andy Reid has done a lot of that. He has 221 regular-season wins, which is currently the sixth most in league history. Reid also has 16 playoff victories, tying Chuck Noll for fifth-most in history. Combine those two, and his 237 total wins are the fifth most in NFL history, per Football Reference.

People who discuss Reid’s coaching career like to bring up his postseason miscues, questionable play-calling, and poor clock management. They used to bring up his lack of a Super Bowl ring until he captured one last season. However, taking a look at his entire coaching resume shows how great a career Andy Reid has had. He is the only coach in NFL history to accomplish this remarkable feat.

Andy Reid makes NFL coaching history

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Getting to one conference championship game in the NFL is quite the challenge. Making it to three straight is even more of a challenging task. Andy Reid will be coaching in his third consecutive conference championship with the Chiefs against Buffalo. He is the only coach in league history to lead two different teams to three straight conference championships. 

Reid led the Philadelphia Eagles to three straight conference title games from 2002-2004. Donovan McNabb was the quarterback under center for the Eagles during that time. Reid’s Eagles and Chiefs teams will have hosted three consecutive conference championships, which is even more history. Those two squads are the only ones to host three straight conference title games since the 1970 merger, per CBS Sports.

Including this upcoming game against Buffalo, Reid has made it to eight conference championships. He has a losing record in such contests, going 2-5 when a Super Bowl trip is on the line. Reid is looking to making that record 3-5. 

This is a historic accomplishment for Andy Reid. It shows his ability to construct winning teams, no matter where he goes. Even though he made history getting to his third straight conference championship game with a second team, Reid doesn’t want to stop there.

The Chiefs have a lot to worry about against the Bills

Andy Reid and the Chiefs have a lot to worry about against the Bills. Patrick Mahomes is ready to go after being in the concussion protocol. He is still dealing with a foot injury but will be on the field. Nevertheless, his presence will be needed, as the Chiefs are going up against a high-flying Buffalo passing game.

The Bills passing offense is fueled by Josh Allen, who is lighting up opposing defenses. In the postseason, Allen has thrown for 530 yards, three touchdowns passes, and one rushing touchdown. The best stat is zero interceptions. Stefon Diggs is a matchup nightmare, using his quick release to gain separation from defenders. The Chiefs defense will have to be ready for a heavy dose of passes.

Andy Reid is a master of offenses and now has his own piece of NFL history. His coaching greatness hasn’t been appreciated, but this achievement should make people realize how elite a coach he is. Making it to three conference titles games is no easy feat, and doing it with two different teams is unheard of. Reid has reached a historic milestone and hopes to celebrate it with a trip to the Super Bowl. 

All stats courtesy of ESPN & Football Reference