LeBron James Holding Anthony Davis to Firm Promise Ahead of NBA Title Run

It has been farthest from the smoothest start in the Orlando Bubble situation for the LA Lakers. The team has struggled to find consistent success in the games ahead of the playoffs. Despite that, it hasn’t exactly deterred the level of confidence that the Lakers have in themselves to make a run at an NBA title. LeBron James continues to make that much clearer, which has led Anthony Davis to make a massive promise to his teammate.

Lakers’ struggles in the Orlando bubble

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The Lakers entered the bubble situation being on the verge of securing the top overall playoff spot in the Western Conference.

LA accomplished that quickly by garnering wins in two out of their first three games in the restart by topping the LA Clippers and Utah Jazz. However, the team has struggled overall, dropping four out of the first six games played. Much of which has pointed to the team’s offensive struggles while dealing with lingering injuries.

The Lakers have lost their last three games, which hasn’t created that much internal concern about their string of defeats. There has been some fuss made over comments LeBron James made about issues out of his control, but the team has moved forward. That was further echoed by a statement that Anthony Davis made toward James.

Anthony Davis’ promise to LeBron James

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The Lakers’ struggles in the Orlando Bubble have created much dialogue about their title chances. That has led to questions about whether they can turn it around in time for the playoffs.

Those issues haven’t raised a red flag for LeBron James or Anthony Davis as they have channeled that into internal motivation to push forward. James took to Instagram to state that the struggles haven’t deterred the team, but it’s the work behind the scenes that will push them through. Davis responded to James by sending a firm promise to his teammate.

“Ima get it back my dawg! I promise you that!!

The Lakers star players have the motivation to push through these struggles over the last few games. It’s been a frustrating process, but there isn’t any deterring their confidence with the playoffs around the corner.

Championship expectations ahead

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Despite the recent struggles, the Lakers have been pegged as a championship-contending team throughout the season.

LA has a veteran-laden roster with proven talent across the board. LeBron James is still performing at an elite level that has pushed him into being a finalist for this season’s MVP award. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis has excelled next to James as the team’s primary factor offensively and potentially earning the Defensive Player of the Year award.

The question around them lies with their shortcomings in the Orlando Bubble, giving way to concerns with the rest of the Western Conference. Teams outside of the LA Clippers, such as the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, and Oklahoma City Thunder, have gathered steam in the conversation. Some also believe that the Clippers are the favorite to win the West due to their depth and talent.

The pressure is on the Lakers to get back into form as the team that demonstrated tremendous balance on both ends of the court. LA has been one of the league’s top defensive teams while their supporting cast behind James and Davis provided enough of an offensive punch. The pieces are there to make a deep playoff run, which could be the time that James shines most to guide them.

It’s a challenge that will test the Lakers on many levels with many formidable challenges in the playoffs. That leaves it to LA to prove it on the court that they can vie for an NBA title.