Anthony Davis Expresses Revealing Comment That May Concern Lakers Fans

The LA Lakers last week welcomed star forward Anthony Davis back to the floor after a lengthy absence. His return has brought much optimism around the Lakers’ NBA title chances. However, Davis voiced some potentially eye-opening comments concerning his team.

Anthony Davis makes return to the Lakers

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After spending more than two months sidelined due to a calf injury, Anthony Davis made his return to the floor this past week.

His first couple of games saw him deal with the expected rust, but he has continued to work to get his legs under him. Davis is averaging 13.0 points, 5.0 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 1.0 blocks in 25.3 minutes per contest in three contests.

He’s coming off his best performance since his return with 18 points on 8-of-15 shooting along with eight rebounds and a pair of blocks in 31 minutes. The most promising part from the outing was that Davis moved around a bit better on both ends of the floor and played a key factor late in the game.

Davis will start to put up stronger performances across the board as he gets more games under his belt. However, what has caught some attention are his recent comments about his new teammate Andre Drummond.

Anthony Davis expresses revealing comment that may concern Lakers fans

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Davis’ return to the floor has come with the fresh opportunity to play alongside new teammate Andre Drummond.

The Lakers signed Drummond last month after a buyout with the Cleveland Cavaliers. With Davis back in the fold, the star forward voiced last week that there will be a significant challenge ahead to build chemistry with the two-time All-Star. (h/t ESPN)

“It’s like you’re starting over with the guys and just trying to find a connection with these guys again,” Davis said. “They’re trying to find a connection with me. So, it’s like we’re starting from zero, which is tough so late in the season.”

Beyond the necessity to get his body back into form, it’s another hurdle Davis will have to overcome. The two have previous experience playing together with Team USA, but there remains a steep learning curve concerning building on-court chemistry.

Davis has spoken highly of Drummond, voicing that he believes he can become a significant factor on both ends of the floor. He expressed that the 27-year-old can thrive offensively alongside LeBron James.

The Lakers also hold the benefit of having a few weeks left in the regular season before the playoffs to work out kinks. Meanwhile, James’ pending return will add another layer to the situation.

LA will undoubtedly have an adjustment period once all three stars are on the floor together. Still, there is promising potential to it developing into a considerable asset for the team’s championship push.

Lakers’ championship odds depend on their star power

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The on-court chemistry between Davis and Drummond is one of the several elements that draws concerns around the Lakers’ NBA title chances.

There is a lingering doubt that the severe injuries may prevent them from making a deep playoff run. Davis will have nearly a month under his belt before the postseason, while LeBron James will likely have around two weeks of playing time in the regular season.

Keep in mind, James is currently in the longest stretch of his career being off the floor. These factors alone have fueled the doubts that there isn’t enough time to get in rhythm to contend for a title.

Ultimately, time will tell, but it’s another motivating factor for the Lakers to strive toward repeating as NBA champions.