Anthony Davis Reveals What He Wishes Kobe Bryant Would Have Told Him Years Ago

In Anthony Davis‘ brief stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s quickly become a centerpiece to the franchise’s success. Before his arrival, he built a strong bond with Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant. With that in mind, Davis recently revealed what he wishes the all-time great would have told him years ago.

Anthony Davis’ tenure with the Lakers

After months of trade rumors, Davis finally arrived to the Lakers via blockbuster trade in July 2019.

The star big man quickly found his footing playing alongside LeBron James. The two transformed Los Angeles back into a powerhouse behind their impressive cohesiveness together.

The Lakers earned their first playoff berth in nearly a decade while grabbing the first overall spot in the Western Conference for the first time since 2010. Davis anchored Los Angeles defensively while shining as the primary offensive factor.

He and James guided the Lakers through a dominant playoff run toward an NBA title. They finished with a 16-5 record, only being pushed to six games in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.

Davis’ second campaign has been filled with plenty of challenges due to health issues, but the Lakers hold the opportunity to vie for another NBA championship. Beyond that, he recently revealed what he wished late great Kobe Bryant would have told him.

Anthony Davis reveals what he wishes Kobe Bryant would have told him years ago

Years before Anthony Davis joined the Lakers, Kobe Bryant was a strong admirer of his talent.

The 18-time All-Star often raved about the Kentucky product’s unique skillset each time Los Angeles played the New Orleans Pelicans. Before Bryant’s induction into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame this weekend, Davis recounted the conversations he had with the former Lakers great.

“I know he always talked about [how] he loved playing with me and against me in the Olympics and seeing how much I’ve grown as a player,” Davis told reporters via Bleacher Report. “He could only imagine what it would be like now. But [he] never actually came out and said, ‘I would like for you to be on the Lakers with me.’ Which would have been a dream, to be honest.”

Bryant was in the latter stage of his career, but adding Davis would have provided a significant boost. He isn’t the caliber player he’s become now, but his presence would have certainly shifted the dynamic.

There’s no question that Davis held tremendous respect and admiration toward Bryant and would have cherished that opportunity. Although he never experienced that, he shared a strong bond with him and can expand the Lakers’ legacy during his tenure.

Opportunity to add to his Lakers legacy


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Davis’ second campaign with the Lakers has featured plenty of difficult hurdles due to injuries, but another NBA title push may lie ahead.

The 28-year-old continues to be the anchor defensively while providing significant offensive production. His performance alongside James will play a pivotal part in guiding Los Angeles toward championship contention.

Beyond that, Davis holds a bright future ahead as he’s in the first year of his four five-year, $190 million deal. He will spend the bulk of that alongside James, who is signed through the 2022-23 season.

The Lakers hope that they can continue to compete for NBA titles with their stars leading the charge. Only time will tell what lies ahead in Los Angeles.

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