Anthony Davis Shares Surprising Detail About His Relationship With LeBron James Since Joining the Lakers

Anthony Davis and LeBron James have quickly become the anchors to the LA Lakers‘ success in their short time together. During that time, James and Davis have developed a tremendously strong bond and off the court. Through that, Davis revealed a surprising detail concerning his relationship with the four-time league MVP.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James quickly turn the Lakers into NBA champions

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Since Anthony Davis arrived to the Lakers, he has helped transform the franchise back into a powerhouse.

Much of that has come from the quick cohesion he’s found playing alongside LeBron James. They have formed a strong bond on and off the court that has helped fuel the team’s tremendous success.

Davis and James feed off each other, excelling at the highest level while guiding the Lakers to an NBA title. Davis quickly became the team’s offensive focal point while their anchor defensively. The eight-time All-Star is a perennial Defensive Player of the Year nominee and further solidified his status as one of the league’s top players.

Meanwhile, James continues to perform at an MVP-caliber level despite nearing closer to two decades into his NBA career. The two are the centerpieces to the Lakers’ future that holds the opportunity to secure more NBA titles together.

Through their brief time playing alongside in LA, Davis revealed a surprising truth regarding his relationship with James.

Anthony Davis shares surprising detail about his relationship with LeBron James since joining the Lakers

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In the brief time together with the Lakers, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have developed a strong bond.

Their friendship goes well beyond the court that has only helped further fuel their success alongside each other. In January, Davis gave some insight into his relationship with James that included a surprising tidbit.

“He’s always happy. I’ve never seen LeBron mad — he’s always happy,” Davis told CBS Sports. “But on the flipside, he’s so determined and hard-working for basketball. So it’s a balance, and you’ve got to find a balance.”

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock that both James and Davis thoroughly enjoy playing with each other. However, the fact that Davis hasn’t seen James mad once is quite unique.

Davis may be telling a little white lie as there are likely instances during the season where things become frustrating due to the typical ups and downs. However, it only further underlines the strong bond that the two have quickly developed.

There also hasn’t been much reason for any anger as the two quickly found success together, capped by an NBA title in their first season. More importantly, Davis has allowed James to keep the window open in competing for more championships

LA’s title hopes remain on their stars’ shoulders

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As Anthony Davis and LeBron James venture through their second season together, they have run into injury struggles.

Since Mid-February, Davis has remained out of the lineup due to a calf injury that holds lingering concerns regarding his Achilles. Meanwhile, James has been sidelined for two weeks since suffering a right high ankle sprain.

There haven’t been any updates concerning each star’s timetable for a return, but both are expected to be back before the playoffs. James is dealing with an injury that takes between four to six weeks to recover fully.

However, the situation is a bit more cautious with Davis since he’s recovering from an injury that could lead to more significant health concerns. Beyond that, the Lakers are quite aware that their title chances lie on their star players’ health.

If LA wants any hope of a serious title bid this season, it must see Davis and James return without any lingering issues. The next several weeks will be crucial in pushing the team toward another championship run.