Anthony Joshua Won’t Fight Mike Tyson Because of Fans

The chatter around Mike Tyson has reached a tipping point with the expectation that he will make his return to the ring. It comes nearly 15 years after his last professional boxing match, which he has continued to ramp with up with his training to show that he has at least one more fight left in him. Many possible opponents mentioned, but current heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has taken himself out of the picture with reasoning associated with the fans.

Mike Tyson gearing up for comeback

The last several weeks have been full of hype around Mike Tyson making a potential return to the squared circle well after a decade from his final fight.

Tyson has embraced the conversation that sprouted from his training with new trainer Rafael Cordeiro. It was created huge waves on social with many raving about how he has appeared physically in the video displaying tremendous strength and power at age 53.

Although it’s only workout videos, Tyson looks to be in great shape and continues to leave the door open to fighting again. There have been several possible opponents mentioned, but one has already crossed his name off the list.

Why Anthony Joshua won’t fight Mike Tyson

Several prominent names in the sport have been mentioned as potential opponents for Mike Tyson’s possible comeback.

However, heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has quickly taken his name out of the mix as he has voiced that he has no desire to fight Tyson. Joshua’s reasoning for that mindset is that he believes even if he were to beat the 53-year-old, he would get booed. (H/T The Sun)

“With all due respect I wouldn’t [Fight Mike Tyson]. Even if I fought Iron Mike and beat him, I think I’d be the only one cheering. People would boo. He is a legend. He is the greatest boxer of the modern era. There are only two recognised champions the world knows of, Ali and Mike Tyson — the most recognised faces in the world when it comes to boxing.”

There could be much truth to that as many are excited about the possibility of seeing Tyson back in the ring. That is likely anchored in wanting him to triumph in his comeback match, especially if it’s only one fight that he wants to do.

Joshua also has some tremendous respect for Tyson, who he idolized as a child and was part of his inspiration to box. There is likely more to it as Joshua may not see it as a way to push his career forward while he’s returning from a back injury that pulled him out of the fight against Kevin Johnson in January.

There are many factors at play, which would be deemed as being too much of a risk for him to move forward with a match against Tyson.

Who will Mike Tyson fight?


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The chances of getting a fight between Mike Tyson and Anthony Joshua had to be slim, to begin with, but it does put another possibility off the table.

There have been several prominent fighters to come forward to voice their desire to take on Tyson. It may be a matter of fighting the right situation for him to get the most out of the situation. Tyson has made it clear that he only wants to get back in the ring for charity purposes.

He will have the pick of the liter with his opponent, which should finally have some clarity quite soon.