Antonio Brown Finally Gets What He Wants From Roger Goodell

Throughout the last several months, former star wide receiver Antonio Brown has remained without a job on an NFL roster. Much of that stemmed from the constant legal issues faced off the field. It has put a pause on his hopes to continue his illustrious football career. However, Brown has gotten the response he has long been waiting for from Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Troublesome path unfolds

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It has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for Antonio Brown over the last year.

The star wideout has remained on the outside looking into the NFL as he’s still without a job on any roster. Brown’s life became a media circus due to his extremely questionable decision-making away from his craft that led to him being in the position his stands. There’s a lack of stability fueled by his numerous legal issues with the law over that span.

Brown hasn’t made the process any easier by his conflicting and eye-brow raising posts on social media that draw questions to his mental state. That recently saw him take the route to suggest he retired from the NFL to the next day voicing he wants an answer regarding their intensive investigation. Brown has finally gotten that answer he has long been waiting to hear.

Antonio Brown finally handed down suspension

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Throughout the entire process, Antonio Brown has stayed vocal about his desire to get finality to the NFL investigation into his legal issues.

The All-Pro wide receiver finally got what he wanted as Roger Goodell and the NFL announced on Friday afternoon via a press release that Brown is suspended for eight games violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Antonio Brown was notified today by NFL Special Counsel for Conduct Todd Jones that he has been suspended without pay for the first eight regular-season games of the 2020 season for multiple violations of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Before this latest development, there hadn’t been any indication about when the league would conclude their investigation. That alone kept a massive cloud over Brown’s hopes of returning to the NFL. With a suspension handed down, the star wideout can move toward many different routes as he can appeal the punishment, but it’s hard to believe that it will rule in his favor.

Nonetheless, NFL teams now have a set suspension and time that Brown won’t be able to play for the 2020 season. There should be an immediate pick up in interest for him based on his talent alone with teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens looking into the potential of signing him.

Why was Antonio Brown suspended?

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With the suspension in place, the dialogue becomes why he has levied down a stiff punishment that will force him to miss half of the 2020 season.

Antonio Brown is involved several concerning legal issues that start with a pair of sexual misconduct charges against him. He also pleaded no contest in June to a felony burglary with battery and two lesser misdemeanor charges from a case involving an incident with a moving truck company at his home in January. Brown didn’t receive jail time from the situation, but he garnered punished for his actions.

The NFL didn’t precisely voice in their released statement on the suspension, but it’s not hard to draw the connection. Brown had a series of concerning legal issues that the league felt warranted a lengthy suspension.