Antonio Brown Finally Issues an Apology to Ben Roethlisberger

The past year for star wide receiver Antonio Brown has seen his once illustrious NFL career put on a complete halt due to his erratic behavior and poor decision-making off the field. That has put him out of a job in the league as he’s dealing with numerous legal issues that could potentially land him with jail time if things don’t work out in his favor. That alone has created another significant hurdle he must bypass to have a chance to play in the NFL once again.

It also presents a chance for him to reflect on his poor choices that began with what ousted him out of the Pittsburgh Steelers. With that in mind, Brown has voiced an apology to his former teammate Ben Roethlisberger via social media.

Antonio Brown’s disappointing downfall in Pittsburgh

Before he saw his tenures with the Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots ever truly take off, Brown had things fall apart with the Steelers.

All of that came to ahead in the 2018 season as his internal issues with Roethlisberger began a progressive meltdown process. Brown had his tiff with the star quarterback that led to his incident in practice throwing a football at him that led to the All-Pro wideout being declared out of the regular-season finale by the team.

Brown’s behavior didn’t rub many of his teammates the right way, which further escalated after JuJu Smith-Schuster was awarded the team MVP award for that season. Although the two never had any issues, he took exception to Smith-Schuster, earning the honor over him.

These issues were piling up and led to Pittsburgh finally deciding to move on from him with a trade to the Raiders. Things continued on a downward spiral to where he’s isn’t on a team due to his poor decision-making.

Brown has continued to be unpredictable over social media, but he looks to have turned a leaf one regard.

Antonio Brown’s apology to Ben Roethlisberger

If the time away from the league has cleared up one thing about Brown is that he’s quite unpredictable with his behavior.

That has become quite evident on social media accounts as he’s expressed his feelings on both ends of the spectrum through that avenue. Brown moved towards the apologetic side again, voicing remorse regarding his actions that ended his tenure with the Steelers regarding his relationship with Roethlisberger.

The two had a dynamic connection on the field that made them one of the top 1-2 punches in the league in terms of quarterback/wide receiver duos. Their elite level of production together led the Steelers to much success over the years, which helped Brown emerge as an elite talent while Roethlisberger further added to what should be a Hall of Fame resume.

There has been plenty of guilt from both sides with the situation was handled, but it’s an opportunity for them to grow and learn moving forward. That is more so the case as Brown has damaged plenty of relationships along the way, and amended his with Roethlisberger is apart of the process.

Will Antonio Brown get another chance in the NFL?

Brown has entered a territory where his NFL career is out of his hands entirely. His actions off the field, paired with his pending legal matters, have made it difficult for the league or any team to trust him fully.

Before the thought of any franchise allowing him to play, he has several pressing legal issues that must be addressed first. Brown could face some severe punishment by the court system. If those matters work out in his favor, then there is a strong likelihood that he will face stiff discipline from the NFL due to his actions.

There are plenty of hurdles that Brown must pass first before he can get another shot in the NFL. Yes, he has the talent that not only belongs on a roster but can lead an offense, but it’s all the other issues off the field that are preventing him from getting back on it.