Antonio Brown Has Two Teams Willing to Sign Him

Since being let go by the New England Patriots, Antonio Brown has remained on the outside looking into the NFL. Brown has had many turbulent times off the field in the time that has followed, but he has stayed in the path of wanting to return to the league. That situation is entirely out of his hands, but things look to be trending toward him getting another chance to get back in the league. That has now shifted the conversation to a pair of teams potentially willing to sign him.

Antonio Brown’s NFL fallout

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It has been nothing short than a troubling path for Antonio Brown as he worked his way out of a job in the NFL.

Brown was once on the path toward further moving his way to charts as one of the greatest wide receivers in league history. That came to a sudden halt last year as he had numerous off-the-field issues that flared up that prevented him from continuing his NFL career. He had personal problems with the then-Oakland Raiders that led to his departure before he could even play a game with the franchise, which saw him sign with the Patriots.

However, that stint lasted around two weeks as two a pair of sexual misconduct charges against him led New England to depart from him after one game. Things didn’t stop there as he bashed the NFL, Patriots, Raiders, and Pittsburgh Steelers repeatedly on social media. Brown also was at the center in an assault case in Florida that involved a moving truck worker.

Things were continuing spiral out of control, with many concerned about his mental well-being as his erratic behavior has been unpredictable. However, Brown has calmed things down over the last several weeks and continued working toward getting a chance to return to the league.

Antonio Brown has two teams discussing signing him

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The last several weeks have seen Antonio Brown stay on the path toward showing NFL teams that he is serious about getting things straightened out.

That has moved the conversation toward a pair of NFL teams in the Seattle Seahawks and the Baltimore Ravens, each discussing bringing Brown aboard, according to Mike Silver of

“He’s an exceptional talent and has been reasonably quiet social media lately so teams have been sniffing around. I would keep an eye on the Seattle Seahawks. Antonio Brown has been doing some offseason workouts with their backup quarterback Geno Smith. They are absolutely interested in having him potentially as a late-season addition assuming there is a suspension.

And the Baltimore Ravens, his cousin Marquise Brown is on that team. They have sniffed around in the past. They are mulling that over too.

The Ravens had been in the discussion the last few weeks after Brown worked out with reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson. It also doesn’t hurt that his cousin is on the team, which could help provide them with more insight concerning the star wideout. Meanwhile, it was reported last season that star quarterback Russell Wilson wanted the All-Pro wideout before they signed Josh Gordon.

Will Antonio Brown get another shot in the NFL?

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Antonio Brown is preparing himself for another shot at returning to the NFL, but that entire situation is out of his hands.

The expectation is that he will be handed a lengthy suspension due to his off-the-field actions that landed him in much legal trouble. Mike Silver hinted at that potentially costing him half a season in length, which could make him appeal that decision.

If Brown can remain out of the headlines for reasons other than his workouts, it should help him get teams more comfortable with signing him. Only time will tell if he gets that next chance to play in the NFL again.