Antonio Brown May Have Inside Track to Join 1 NFL Team

In the last few weeks, there has been increasing dialogue over Antonio Brown’s future in the NFL. That has seen the conversation continue to shift over to Brown, getting another chance to resume his impressive career despite the numerous off-the-field issues that he has had over the last year. The discussion has seemingly moved over to potential landing spots as a few teams have been mentioned as landing spots to secure his services if a scenario opens up soon. One team appears to be at the head of the crowd as the frontrunner to acquire Brown if things pan out appropriately.

Chatter around Antonio Brown’s NFL future picking up

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It has been nothing short than a rough patch for Antonio Brown that has seen him get pushed out of the NFL.

Brown has had numerous off-the-field issues flare-up over that span that has generated significant concern from the league. He has a pair of sexual misconduct cases that led to his departure from the New England Patriots after around two weeks.

There has been no question about his talent, but more about erratic behavior away from the game. However, Brown has continued to move in the right direction as of late with the battery case involving a delivery truck driver has worked in his favor as he avoided jail time.

The 31-year-old has moved away from drawing negative attention via social media as the only news on that front has been regards to his various workouts. That has also ramped up the discussion around him potentially joining one NFL team.

Antonio Brown could be circling 1 NFL team

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Throughout the last few months, Antonio Brown has made it quite clear that he wants another chance to get back into the NFL.

That has led to the discussion heating up earlier this week with the Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks being the two teams internally talking about signing him. NFL analyst Bucky Brooks has voiced that Brown could be the perfect fit for the culture that has been established in Seattle under head coach Pete Carroll. (H/T ClutchPoints)

In Seattle, Brown’s energy and competitiveness could fit well on a team built on individual and collective competitiveness. The ‘Hawks sprinkle in competitive periods throughout practice, including one-on-one and seven-on-seven periods, with the starters competing against each other. With Brown known to embrace on-field challenges while diligently prepping for the next game, the four-time All-Pro is built to play for a team and coach who embody the “Always Compete” mantra.

There may be concerns around Brown’s decision-making off the field, but his persona and competitiveness fits in perfectly with what the Seahawks have put in place. Carroll isn’t one that shies away from taking chance and bringing in the star wideout could fall right into that territory.

Is Antonio Brown Seattle bound?

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There is still much that needs to be sorted out first around Antonio Brown, but he is certainly working in the right direction toward coming back.

Brown will need the rest of the legal matters to work in his favor while there is an expected NFL punishment coming at some point as well. Nonetheless, the Seahawks could be a realistic landing spot for him as Russell Wilson was a huge advocate for him before the team chose to sign Josh Gordon last season.

The opportunity to have those two paired together could elevate Seattle’s offense to the next level to help them compete for a Super Bowl. Brown would have to be comfortable with taking a pay cut with the Seahawks, but if that scenario is there on the table, it could quickly become a fluid situation.