Antonio Brown Rants ‘They Don’t Want Me to Be Great!’

Since being let go by the New England Patriots, star wide receiver Antonio Brown has remained in the free-agent market without any significant traction towards him getting back into the league. The reasoning behind that has laid with the ongoing investigation around him concerning his off-the-field issues that have landed him in some legal trouble. There hasn’t been a timetable in place regarding when everything should be resolved, which has led Brown to voice his frustration with the matter.

Antonio Brown stuck in limbo

These last few months for Brown have been a tough patch in his NFL career that have placed some doubt over his future in the league.

It has been nothing short of a rollercoaster last year that saw the Pittsburgh Steelers move off from him, which opened up a fresh restart with the Oakland Raiders. The situation quickly went south as he had issues with his helmet choice, frost-bitten feet and a rift with general manager Mike Mayock.

All of that exploded into him being let go by the Raiders, to which the New England Patriots quickly scooped him up. It didn’t take long for that new scenario to end as two charges of sexual misconduct from a pair of women forced the Patriots to cut ties less than two weeks after signing Brown.

The 31-year-old has since remained out of the NFL due to the league’s ongoing investigation into the serious legal matters around him. That has continued to test his patience with several rants on social media, which he had another on Tuesday morning.

Antonio Brown vents frustration about uncertain NFL future

Throughout the last several months, Brown has shown no hesitation towards expressing his feelings on social media about his entire situation.

It has been a platform that he has greatly utilized to express his genuine emotions in the various stages of his matters away from the league. Brown went that route once again on Tuesday, voicing that he believes others are building a negative perception of him and keeping him away from the NFL.

Over the last several weeks, it has become clear that Brown uses his social media platforms as a sounding board for his emotions at the moment. The word choice in his latest tweet certainly demonstrates his utter frustration about being unable to be on the field this season with an NFL team.

With that said, it likely won’t be the last time that Brown decides to take to social media to air out his emotions regarding his situation.

Should the Patriots give Antonio Brown another shot?

Brown’s future in the league has remained uncertain, but the chatter has stayed around the Patriots’ interest in bringing him back.

There have been reports that the team has no desire to give him another shot, but the need to add a game-changing factor in the passing game has become quite evident for New England in the last few games. The Patriots need a talent like Brown in their offense to lift them towards being a formidable unit.

However, it would be hard to envision them go that route before the league makes a decision on the investigation around Brown’s serious legal issues. Those are two ongoing situations that could keep him out of the NFL altogether. Until all of that is resolved, there will be no movement from New England or any other possible interested team.

If things were to play out in his favor, there also remains the possibility of punishment that could play a factor. In the meantime, all Brown can do is sit and wait for everything to sort itself out around him.