Antonio Brown’s NFL Return Could Have A Huge Setback

Antonio Brown has finally regained the opportunity to resume his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The last several months saw Brown struggle to gather any firm footing toward that path due to his questionable decision-making away from the field. Despite him landing with the Buccaneers, there may be another concerning legal hurdle ahead that could negatively impact Brown‘s NFL future yet again.

Antonio Brown signs with the Buccaneers

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Antonio Brown‘s pathway back to the NFL was nothing short of a roller coaster ride over the last year.

Brown’s numerous off-the-field questionable decisions landed him out of the league despite being one of the game’s best talents. The 32-year-old went through several legal matters that led to receiving an eight-game suspension to begin the 2020 season.

With Brown’s lengthy punishment nearing an end, he has worked out his next opportunity to reignite his NFL career with the Tamp Bay Buccaneers. Much of which came about due to Tom Brady making a strong internal push for the franchise to sign the All-Pro wideout.

Brown could get back on the field as soon as Week 9, which he has an opportunity to ingrain himself as a crucial piece to the Buccaneers’ push toward the Super Bowl. He’s joining a promising group of skilled position players around Brady that include Pro Bowlers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, and Leonard Fournette.

The pieces are in place for Brown to restart his NFL career, but there is one lingering hurdle ahead that could set him back.

Antonio Brown has another legal hurdle ahead

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Antonio Brown has a fresh opportunity ahead to get his NFL career back on track.

Brown put himself in a tough spot after his decision-making off the field resulted in much legal trouble. Although he has worked his way past several of these issues, the star wideout still has his civil sexual assault trial scheduled for December, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

The case stems from a lawsuit filed against him back in September 2019 from his former trainer. Brown reportedly has a week to disclose items that have been requested of him for the trial. It’s still a fluid situation that the NFL will keep an eye on moving forward.

Although Brown received an eight-suspension from the league, there remains an opening that the pending legal matter could result in more punishment., The 32-year-old could see his lawyers ask for the trial to be pushed back toward next offseason due to signing with the Buccaneers putting him in action for the 2020 season.

Nonetheless, the books are not entirely closed on Brown’s legal situation that could present some concerning issues ahead.

Buccaneers, NFL will monitor the situation

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The Buccaneers may have committed to Antonio Brown for the rest of the 2020 season, but the franchise is well aware of the potential legal issues.

Brown is an extremely talented player, but his addition comes with much caution given the history of his questionable decisions. The pending legal matter around him will have the NFL and Tampa Bay monitoring as it unfolds.

The Buccaneers took the wise approach with a low-risk commitment that gives them the freedom to part ways without much of a financial burden if things head south. The focus around the situation remains primarily on the football field as Brown has an opportunity to help guide the franchise to the playoffs and well beyond that.

All that Tampa Bay can do from this point forward is to watch what transpires and act accordingly.