Arch Manning Is Already Embracing His Role as a Leader

The Mannings are probably the most successful dynasty in NFL history. Patriarch Archie played 13 seasons in the NFL in the ’70s and ’80s, and his sons both had long, successful careers in the league. Peyton is considered one of the best quarterbacks to play the game, and Eli is a two-time Super Bowl champ who led the Giants in one of the sports markets with the most critical fans.

Even though all three of those Mannings are now retired, they’re not the last of the football-playing Mannings, and there could still be another Manning coming to the NFL in the next few years — Arch Manning.

Arch Manning obviously has big shoes to fill

Arch is Archie’s grandson and Peyton and Eli’s nephew. His father is Cooper Manning, Archie’s oldest son and a former high school football player himself. According to SB Nation, Arch is a 15-year-old quarterback at Isidore Newman School, a private school in New Orleans which was also attended by his father and uncles.

Based just on his surname, Arch would get a lot of publicity when he plays, but he also has the skills to back up the hype that surrounds him; 247 Sports ranks him as the No. 1 quarterback and No. 5 recruit overall in the class of 2023.

Given that and his family heritage, expect to see Arch play at a big-name college as he proceeds on his quest to continue the Mannings’ NFL legacy.

Arch Manning is already a leader on his football team

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Most 15-year-old kids aren’t old enough to legally start driving or working yet, but at 15 Arch is not only excelling on the football field but leading his team as he does.

In an interview with Rivals on YouTube, Arch discussed embracing a leadership role on the team as he entered his sophomore season this year. He says now that he’s more entrenched in his starting role, he can get his teammates together “throw a lot more” and “kind of be in-demand,” which he likes. He says he picked that up from Peyton, referencing his uncle’s reputation as a “field general,” which Arch says he looks up to.

However, it’s still not easy for someone to serve as a leader at just 15. That is an age when you’re supposed to still be able to be like a kid and do fun things that young people are supposed to be.

But when you’re a highly coveted football recruit like Arch is, especially when you act as the leader of your team, it’s hard to do that because of the time that is required for practice so you can remain on the top of your game.

Learning from the family: a calm and poised interview subject

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The YouTube interview lasted more than five minutes, and Arch Manning didn’t seem to be thrown off at all. He was prepared and poised in his answers, as you would expect from an experienced NFL quarterback rather than a high school sophomore.

He didn’t stutter or stammer much, and his answers pretty much flowed as if he was reading them from a script. That is one area where Arch’s lineage probably comes in handy because he has likely seen his uncles give hundreds of interviews and press conferences over the years, giving him an idea of how to handle himself.

Knowing he will have a lot of coverage on him as he continues his football journey, Peyton and Eli have likely coached him on how to give an interview.

Although he never played football beyond high school, Arch’s father is also used to public speaking. Because of his last name, Cooper has had more of a media career than most people with his level of football experience.

He has been a part of the Fox NFL Kickoff Sunday pregame show since 2015, and has done other various work in the media, as well, including for The Dan Patrick Show.