Are New York Knicks Bold New Uniforms Enough to Get Fans Excited?

Fans of the New York Knicks have long since stopped expecting much from their team but, as many diehard sports fans can attest, they remain their team nonetheless. This season, the Knicks have recently debuted their new statement uniforms for the year, meant to be the main alternate jersey for the team.

The bold blue color with orange and white trim is flashy and eye-catching, but is it enough to keep fans coming back for what is expected to be another disappointing season?

The New York Knicks haven’t had much to cheer about

Over the past five years, the Knicks haven’t ranked in the top 10 in their conference, let alone had a Championship run. In fact, they’ve gone five consecutive years with more than 50 losses each year.

Fans have stuck with them since their two Championship wins in the ’70s, but there’s been precious little to celebrate since. While the Knicks have the franchise history to back them up to old school fans, the younger NBA crowd of today doesn’t have any memories seeing the team as a success.

Superstars like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have notably passed up offers from the Knicks in free agency in favor of their competitors across the East River, the Brooklyn Nets. The Knicks have been in need of excitement and inspiration to keep their fans cheering for them year after year, but it may be time that fans start cheering for someone else unless they get something to cheer about.

The New York Knicks debut new jerseys

This season’s statement uniforms certainly make a statement. They feature a bold blue color with orange and white trim, and the classic “New York” emblazoned across the chest. According to the team, the design of the uniform is a nod to the “hustle and strength of our city and team,” while adding a modern touch to the classic feel of the style. Adding the team’s slogan, “Once a Knick, always a knick,” to the jersey is a way to remind fans and former players alike that the Knicks are a team to be proud of, win or lose.

Are new uniforms enough to do the trick?

Diehard fans don’t usually need new reasons to cheer on their team, but since they haven’t seen a championship win since 1973, Knicks fans may be in need of a few friendly reminders as to why they’re fans after all. Unveiling new uniforms is an easy way to get fans hankering for their own new swag, but is it enough to keep fans from jumping ship and cheering on someone else?

The New York Knicks are in their second year with coach David Fizdale, and after a disappointing first season last year with a 17-65 regular-season record, there doesn’t seem to be much to get excited about in that regard. James Dolan is still the team’s owner and has had his fair share of controversies since he took up the position in 1999. The team hasn’t had much to brag about while he’s been around.

Unless the Knicks can attract high-level players who can fuel excitement and inspiration in the team, fans should expect a few more disappointing seasons up ahead. This year, we’ll see former Duke player R.J. Barrett take the court but he’s so far done little to inspire hope.

Time will tell if he’ll get the hang of things as the season goes on. Additionally, the team hasn’t seemed to mesh well on the court, with a lack of chemistry between new players. Fans can most likely expect much of the same this year, just with cooler uniforms.