Arian Foster Joins Sheed, Gronk in Great Interview Answer Club

Arian Foster was adamant that he was going to try and be the best teammate he can be when he talked to reporters in his first media session since the end of last season, so much so that he said as much as a response to every single question that he fielded. How was he feeling? Just trying to be the best teammate. Was his body breaking down a little bit? Best teammate he could be. How was his progress going in trying to be the best teammate he could be? He was working every day at it.

Being available to answer questions is part of an athlete’s job, and sometimes players just don’t want to deal with it. For every Q&A when the athlete dutifully plays along and says all the right things about the team, the organization, and his high hopes for next year, there are occasionally times when one of them will simply go on total autopilot, like when Rasheed Wallace spent an entire press conference telling reporters that “both teams played hard,” a phrase that has entered the sports lexicon as shorthand for everything from “that was a dumb question” to “I don’t feel like answering that dumb question” to an evaluation of the effort from all parties involved.

While Foster’s health is always going to be under the microscope, his answering spree is still not the best interview response in NFL history — that honor goes to Rob Gronkowski, who attempted to flex his Spanish-speaking muscles and wound up telling the world that “yo soy fiesta.” In other words, Gronk “is party.” Arian’s got to put in a little more time in the interviewee weight room if he wants to dethrone that milestone.

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