At What Age Did Brett Favre Retire and What’s He Doing Now?

Brett Favre’s football career got off to a rocky start when then-NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue mispronounced his name as the Falcons drafted him in 1991. Things got better from there, though. Favre became one of the league’s best quarterbacks of the ’90s and 2000s on the way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

He lasted a long time in the NFL and retired at an advanced age for a quarterback. Exactly how old was Favre when he retired, and what is he doing now? Let’s find out.

Brett Favre’s Hall of Fame career

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre
Vikings quarterback Brett Favre | Rich Gabrielson/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

Favre wasn’t a Falcon for long, as Atlanta traded him to the Packers in February 1992. He became Green Bay’s starter that season, starting in 13 of the 15 games he played. This was the last time Favre wouldn’t start all 16 games until his final season in 2010, when he represented the Vikings.

The QB ultimately made an NFL-record 297 consecutive regular-season games (321 including the postseason). Favre won 186 regular-season games and threw for over 71,000 yards and 508 touchdowns, with 336 interceptions. The three-time NFL MVP led the Packers to a championship, beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI.

When did Brett Favre retire?

As is typical of most athletes as they age, Favre’s performance suffered in the latter part of his career. The Packers traded him to the Jets prior to the 2008 season. After one season in New York, Favre signed with the Falcons and finished his career there. He started 13 games in 2010, going 5-8 with 11 touchdowns and 19 interceptions — a disappointing ending to a stellar career.

After years of speculation by the media and fans, Favre officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL in January 2011. Favre was 41 at the time, but even his age didn’t stop people from talking about the possibility of him returning to the field. In December 2011, media reports alleged that Favre would be willing to come out of retirement to play for the Bears. But both Favre and then-Chicago head coach Lovie Smith denied those reports.

In 2013, the quarterback’s agent, Bus Cook, talked about Favre still being able to play in the league. However, the Hall of Famer said he was not considering a comeback despite physically being capable of it.

What is Favre doing now?

The better part of a decade has passed since Favre last took a snap in the NFL, so what has he been doing since hanging up his cleats? The now-50-year-old has largely stayed out of the spotlight. Favre still does commercials and makes occasional media appearances. But unlike many quarterbacks at his level, Favre has not gone into broadcasting.

Now living in Sumrall, Mississippi, Favre enjoys his post-football life by doing things he wasn’t able to do while playing, such as traveling. He also attends his kids’ sporting events, and he’s hosted a radio show for SiriusXM in addition to other business ventures.

More recently, Favre has been trying to entertain himself during the COVID-19 quarantine, much like most Americans. In an interview with CBS Sports, he discussed his daughter making TikTok videos with her friends. One thing led to another, and Favre dyed his gray hair. But that didn’t involve dying it its original color. Instead, Favre dyed his hair orange and told the interviewer that pink may be the next color he chooses.