Auburn Quarterback Bo Nix Proactively Contacted His 1st Sponsor, Milo’s Tea, Ahead of the NIL Rule Change

Effective July 1, 2021, the new NIL (name, image, and likeness) law stipulates that college athletes may profit off of their NIL at market value — an exciting moment in sports history. Additionally, according to the changes, athletes can hire attorneys and agents to represent them on matters pertaining to NIL compensation. It is also worth mentioning that universities can place restrictions on who athletes can work with.

For instance, college athletes can’t represent casinos, tobacco, gaming firms, and adult entertainment. Also, note that NIL laws are in place in at least 13 states; although no two are the same, the gist is similar. The implication here is that players can earn money, but they should be careful not to break their institution’s in-house rules. Wearing team gear in advertisements is also impermissible.

As such, the lifting of NIL restrictions offers college athletes numerous opportunities for leveraging their standing with clinics, endorsement deals, camps, and commercials, among other things. One athlete who immediately cashed in was Auburn’s Bo Nix.

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix announces a sponsorship 

Nix became the first college athlete to form a paid partnership with a brand in the wake of NIL rule changes. As soon as the new changes took effect, the Auburn quarterback became the first to announce his sponsorship by posting about it on his Instagram page, according to Fansided.

Remember that Tiger fans rallied behind Nix when the “dark horse” A-day meme spread through the campus and beyond. Since then, Nix has maintained his star status, yet his play has dropped after two seasons on the Plains. Sky-high expectations as a second-generation Auburn football signal-caller might have something to do with this. A new coach could probably prop up his game.

On the other hand, Nix is a five-star in-state recruit continuing his family lineage as the main man under center. That, in part, explains why it took no time for Nix to land Milo’s sponsorship.

What does Milos Tea Company have to say?

Bo Nix of the Auburn Tigers celebrates their 48-45 win over the Alabama Crimson Tid
Bo Nix of the Auburn Tigers | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Many people expect brands to seek out college athletes who want to take advantage of the new NIL changes. That may be an option, but it’s not the case with the Auburn’s quarterback’s new deal. Nix says he’s loved Milo’s Sweet Tea since he was young and he sought out the partnership, not the other way around, according to WBRC.

Milo’s Tea Company brand director Alison Pierce says, “Bo actually reached out to us because he loves our tea and so it made it a natural fit for him, as a fan of Milo’s, but also he’s from Birmingham and we’re in Birmingham.” Pierce did not share details about his contract or how much Nix is making.

Milo’s is an Alabama treasure that opened its doors to customers in Birmingham in 1946, and the city remains the company’s headquarters. The fast-food store has branches in 16 locations within Birmingham, and a new one will open in Tuscaloosa.

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