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How Many MLB Wild-Card Teams Have Won the World Series?

The Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants both entered the 2014 postseason at the end of September as wild-card teams. By mid-October, each club had won its respective pennant. The American League champion Royals and National League champion Giants will face off in the World Series starting Tuesday night, which guarantees that baseball’s last …


6 Cities Producing the Most Current MLB Players

What is “a baseball city?” For some, the phrase evokes the Bronx or Boston, places that are dripping with baseball history. For others, a baseball city is a spot that has consistently harbored a warm appreciation for the game despite the lackluster showings of local clubs; Chicago is a prime example of this definition. For …


8 MLB Pitchers Throwing 100 MPH or Faster in 2014

Major League Baseball batting averages are at their lowest in 2014 (.252) since 1972, while strikeouts are at their highest rate (7.70 per game) in baseball’s 144 years of recorded history. According to the players, flame-throwing relief pitchers deserve much of the blame. Instead of trying to knock out a team’s starter to get to …


The 6 Highest Paid MLB Managers in 2014

Major League Baseball has more than its share of quirks. If you’d like to study the financing details of a ten-year player contract to find out how much so-and-so will make in 2021, there’s a stat for that. On the other hand, trying to find how much a baseball team’s manager earns is like trying …


MLB Anthems: 5 Signature Ballpark Songs

Source: Keith Allison / Flickr Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack / I don’t care if I ever get back… There’s plenty of downtime at every Major League Baseball game. In fact, the sport has breaks built into each half-inning, not to mention the breaks in between every pitch thrown and the seventh-inning stretch, …