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The 5 Worst Games of LeBron James’s Career So Far

When LeBron James told everyone he was glad his Cleveland homecoming was over, it was pretty clear what he meant — for a guy that’d spent his entire on-record time alternatively hyping the Cavs’ home opener and downplaying it as the regular season game that it actually was, his forgettable statline was going to be …


NBA: How Many Years of College Basketball Do the Best Players Need?

Since 2006, when the National Basketball Association raised its eligibility from 18 to “one year removed from high school,” there have been murmurs that the league would want to bump it up even further. Commissioner Adam Silver said so himself, describing it as the NBA’s top priority as recently as two months ago. Cynically speaking, the only …


LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan: 4 Key Differences

The totality of sports comes down to competition. That is the forceful comparison of one athlete against another in an effort to determine which player is, ultimately, the best. It’s lose and go home. The comparison loses a little bit of luster in team sports, but not a ton in basketball, where individual players have …


The NBA’s 6 Most Infamous Knee Injuries

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/ During the third quarter of an unremarkable National Basketball Association game between the Chicago Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers on November 22, Derrick Rose suffered a non-contact injury while trying to grab a rebound after a missed shot. As the Blazers brought the fast break up the court, Rose hobbled to the …