Avoid Watching These Boring NFL Games in 2019

Most football fans want to skip dull midseason matchups between utterly boring NFL teams. While the organization will do all it can to promote Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night football, you need to know which boring NFL games to skip. Go out to dinner or take a nap instead. 

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders, Week 1

Nobody knows what to make of the Raiders this season. While the first year of the Jon Gruden comeback tour was an unabashed disappointment, the team has made some intriguing moves. Regardless, Oakland could prove to be a dull disaster.

Add this to the fact that 34-year-old Joe Flacco will throw for an underwhelming Broncos team, and it’s easy to see why this Monday night game, rivalry and all, could be a disastrous choice to kick off the season. 

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams, Week 6

With Jimmy Garoppolo returning, some fans expect the 49ers to come back strong. But San Francisco looked bad for most of 2018. Against a Super Bowl team like the Rams, this could be a blowout. There’s always a chance Garoppolo takes MVP strides. But injuries are tough and sometimes an immediate impact pales in comparison to long-term results. 

At best, it will be an up-and-coming team going against a proven winner. At worst, this will be a simple case of a bad team taking on a good team. With so many question marks surrounding the 49ers, this is a skippable game. 

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets, Week 7

Bad team versus good team. Young quarterback versus superstar veteran quarterback. Super Bowl Champion versus perennial loser. The Jets have just about every card stacked against them for this matchup. Barring a sensational outing by their promising young quarterback, Sam Darnold, this team could be a live-TV massacre of historic proportions. 

The greatest chance the Jets may have: Tom Brady finally begins to show his age. But if videos of TB12 shattering his NFL Combine records from two decades ago are any indication, the Jets need to temper expectations.

New York Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens, Week 15

Watching a bad team like the Jets take on a flawed team like the Ravens could prove to be a chore. This will be a late-season game when both teams will likely be out of playoff contention. So, it’s a safe bet that you can take a break from Thursday Night Football.

If both teams are still in contention for the coveted first pick in the draft, the game may actually become must-watch TV. Either franchise could try to lose in order to obtain the rights to next year’s top prospect.