Babe Ruth Was the Most Feared Hitter in Baseball but Was Terrified of His Wife After Sneaking Around With a Mistress

When people think of the greatest players to ever play the sport of baseball, Babe Ruth is one name that always comes to mind. He won championship after championship after championship with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, and could not only smack home runs out of the park, be he could also toss some gems on the mound as well. However, despite being one of the most feared players in baseball, Babe Ruth got himself into a situation where he had to be the fearful one. He found himself afraid of his wife.

Babe Ruth was one of the greatest baseball players of all time

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Babe Ruth’s name is synonymous with baseball. His ability to win and put up stellar numbers made him one of the greatest players to ever play.

On the mound, Ruth pitched in 163 total games, with most of them coming at the beginning of his career. Ruth went 18-8 in 1915 with a 2.44 ERA before going 23-12 with an AL-leading 1.75 ERA in 1916. Ruth also went 24-13 and had a 2.01 ERA in 1917.

However, fans mostly know him for what he could do at the plate. Ruth led the AL in RBIs in five different seasons. He even brought in as many as 168 in 1921. The Yankees legend also led the AL in home runs in 12 different seasons, hitting as many as 60 in 1927. Ruth led the AL in several other categories throughout his career, too, including runs scored (eight times), walks (11 times), and batting average (once).

In total, Ruth hit .342 for his career, which is 10th all-time in MLB history, and 714 home runs, which is No. 3 all-time. His 2,214 RBIs are also second all-time, while his 2,174 runs scored are fourth.

Of course, this amount of individual success led to a ton of winning. Ruth ultimately won seven World Series titles throughout his career.

While Ruth was one of the most feared players in baseball, though, he once got himself into a situation that left him afraid of his wife.

Babe Ruth was afraid of his wife while sneaking around with a mistress

Baseball legend Babe Ruth and his family in 1921.
Babe Ruth poses with his wife Helen and baby Dorothy before a game in Yankee Stadium in 1921. | Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images

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According to CBS Sports, nearly 100 years ago, Babe Ruth allegedly wrote a letter to his mistress without his wife knowing.

In the letter, it says, “Dear Nell, Very sorry but my wife jumped over on me without me knowing it this is the first time she ever did that she is watching me so don’t get mad and I will see you Monday night,” per CBS.

Ruth also wrote, “The club is watching so the only way I will be able to see you all night is for you to stop in at the Aldine Hotel and I can see you. Babe.”

It also looks like Ruth was extra fearful about his wife catching him, too, as he added, “don’t call me up,” per TMZ.

Nell Wilson was his alleged mistress. The letter was reportedly found in one of her scrapbooks, and it is believed that Ruth wrote the letter around the year 1922.

CBS Sports reported that Ruth married Helen Woodford at 19 years old in 1914. They later separated around 1925 but did not divorce since they were Catholic. Woodford then died in a January 1929 house fire, and Ruth married Claire Merritt Hodgson, an actor and model, in April 1929.

So, how do we really know that Babe Ruth, the baseball legend, wrote this letter to Wilson? It was written on a Raleigh Hotel letterhead, and PSA/DNA and Beckett Authentication Services authenticated it, per CBS Sports.

The letter sold for over $200,000 in an auction

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As you may expect, Babe Ruth’s letter is worth a significant amount of money.

CBS Sports says that it sold for over a whopping $86,000 in 2004. It has since more than doubled in value. The letter recently sold for $201,851 on SCP Auctions. That is a significant amount of money.

Babe Ruth is a baseball legend. His off-field decisions, though, were not quite as legendary.

Stats courtesy of Baseball Reference