NFL Recap: Baker Mayfield, Browns Cruise Past Jets

After a lopsided loss in Week 1, the Cleveland Browns cruised past the New York Jets by a one-sided 23-3 score on Sept. 16, at MetLife Stadium in New York.

Baker Mayfield passed for 325 yards and one touchdown for the Browns, including an 89-yard scoring strike to Odell Beckham Jr. in the fourth quarter that put the exclamation point on the win. Mayfield finished the game with a QB rating of 83.60, and Beckham finished the game with six receptions for 161 yards. Nick Chubb had a second-quarter rushing TD for the Browns to help them grab a 13-0 lead. The win helped Cleveland level its record at 1-1.

Cleveland put up an OVER (Offensive Value and Efficiency Rating) of 98.75, powered by a rushing usage index of 35.0 and receiving index of 162.5, compared to overall OVER of 37.25 for the Jets

The Browns defense was dominant with four sacks, no touchdowns allowed, and less than 300 yards against. Cleveland Browns had a DVS (Defensive Value Score) of 1.67 for the game, compared to 0.2 for New York Jets, who slipped to 0-2 on the season.