Baker Mayfield’s Disciplined Diet Includes 2 Splurges: Ranch Water and Mexican Food

Baker Mayfield came out of the college ranks facing lofty expectations. However, after a dreadful second season with the Cleveland Browns, the quarterback is finally showing why he was worth the hype. While Mayfield’s third-year talent is evident, his dedication to fitness off the field paints a bigger picture. Just because the 25-year-old is trying to stay fit, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t splurge every once in a while.

Baker Mayfield’s wacky NFL ride

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Mayfield was all the rage coming out of Oklahoma, and as the number one pick of the 2018 Draft, he entered the NFL with lofty expectations. Initially, those expectations appeared to be worth the hype. While Mayfield wasn’t perfect, he kicked off his NFL career with 27 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and 3,725 yards that he threw at a 64% clip. 

The next year, however, he never looked the same. The Browns thought bringing in Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. would take him to another level, but the team struggled to win from the get-go. To make things worse, Mayfield regressed in nearly every category, finishing the season with 22 touchdowns, 21 interceptions, and 3,827 yards. The quarterback went from bright young star to potential bust in one season. 

This year, however, Mayfield has shown that the 2019 season was a fluke. He’s led the team to a 9-4 record with nearly 2,800 yards, 23 touchdowns, and eight interceptions through 13 games. To do this, however, he has employed a strict workout regimen to keep his body in tip-top shape. 

Mayfield’s daily schedule 

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According to an interview with GQ, Mayfield starts his day at 5:30 AM. After waking up, he drinks a bottle of Bodyarmor water and two Beam’s Focus pills, which he invests in on the side. Then, he eats overnight oats in the morning with almond milk, coconut, dates, and fruit. After a cup of nitro cold brew, he goes back to the water while watching game footage. 

For lunch, Mayfield tries to chow down on protein, carbs, and grains. He works with a dietitian to make sure that he’s getting the right nutrition, too. After going to practice, he washes it down with a smoothie. After spending more time on the field, he gets home to enjoy a nice dinner with his wife, which she usually prepares with his dietary needs in mind. 

It’s a strict schedule, but Mayfield also makes time for indulgences. He spoke about his cheat meals with GQ magazine. 

Baker Mayfield splurges

Cleveland Browns' Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns | Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Mayfield acknowledges that he loves sweets, but they are not the thing that tempts him most. For that, he has a soft spot for some tacos, burritos, and whatever other Mexican food he can get his hands on, according to Forbes. However, that doesn’t mean that Mayfield is gorging on cheat meals. 

“I love Mexican food, and my dietitian knows this, so she always adds in some spices or different things to some of the meals,” Mayfield told GQ. “I’ve come to learn that it’s all about portion control. She always makes sure that after games, I need to make sure that I’m eating enough carbs. After a game or a workout, I might not necessarily want to eat enough, because I may not be as hungry, but I also need to take care of my body.”

Of course, cheat meals don’t always entail food. Mayfield also indulges himself in an adult beverage from time to time, especially tequila. 

“We do love our wine. So, we have a glass here every once in a while,” Mayfield told GQ. “And obviously, if it’s a Mexican night, it’s hard not to say no to a margarita, but do it skinny. Also, I’ll do a ranch water, and have that with real fruit juice. Tequila is the cleanest liquor, so can’t be too ashamed of that.”

Whatever Mayfield is doing, it has worked this year. He’s having his first star-season in the NFL, and at just 25 years old, his best years are, hopefully, yet to come. Mayfield wants to be the best player he can be, but he also wants to indulge himself. For this, he has learned that eating what you want is OK, as long as you can practice self-control and not let it consume you every day.