The Baltimore Ravens Quickly Dispel a Growing Belief Around Lamar Jackson’s Contract Situation

In the wake of Dak Prescott’s historic deal with the Dallas Cowboys, the attention shifts over to Lamar Jackson’s contract situation. There hasn’t been much movement on that front from the Baltimore Ravens, but Jackson is nearing the end of his rookie deal. However, the Ravens have quickly shut down a growing speculation concerning the matter.

Lamar Jackson’s contract situation hovers around Baltimore

Since last offseason, the Ravens have had lingering questions concerning Lamar Jackson‘s contract situation.

The Ravens elected to shelve those discussions as he still possessed a few years left in his rookie deal. However, the chatter has sparked up again this offseason, especially after Dak Prescott’s massive four-year, $160 million contract from the Cowboys.

Jackson is part of the next group of quarterbacks in line to receive a new deal. All that has given the 24-year-old plenty of reason to be excited in light of that latest development.

Ravens don’t believe Dak Prescott will impact Lamar Jackson’s extension talks

The Ravens are well aware of their star quarterback’s contract situation as he nears closer to the end of his rookie deal.

Ravens’ general manager Eric DeCosta voiced that Dak Prescott’s new contract won’t impact the talks with Lamar Jackson. (H/T ESPN)

“If you got to the Bentley dealership or the Range Rover dealership, you know what the cars are going to cost. You’re not going to get much of a discount,” DeCosta said. “They all cost about the same, and you go in there with the idea that you’re either going to buy the car or you’re not going to buy the car.

“In the end, they’re all very big contracts. They’re outstanding players. They’re quarterback deals. They’re marquee players, and you know you’re going to pay a lot, but you’re going to get a lot in return.”

DeCosta’s comments give off the vibe that the Ravens are comfortable with paying Jackson in a lucrative deal. The question becomes how much they are willing to shell out in an extension to retain their star quarterback. 

DeCosta also stated that the team is confident and committed to working out a long-term deal with Jackson. He did note that it may take some time to work out the figures and details, but there is an unwavering belief it will get done at some point soon.

Lamar Jackson has massive payday ahead


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Following Dak Prescott’s massive deal with the Dallas Cowboys, the focus quickly shifts over to the next quarterback in line for a new contract.

It places the spotlight on Lamar Jackson’s contract situation with the Ravens as he enters the final year of his four-year, $9.4 million deal. The fifth-year option for the 2022 season of his contract will be picked up this offseason, but there remains the need to work out an extension.

Prescott’s deal may not impact the contract talks financially, but it certainly gets the ball rolling for the Ravens. The 24-year-old hasn’t been in the league longer than his colleague, but he has accomplished plenty.

In his first two seasons as the full-time starter, he earned a regular-season MVP award, a Pro Bowl selection, and a First-Team All-Pro nod. The playoff success may not be there yet, but Jackson has helped transform the Ravens into a playoff constant.

All that spells a big payday ahead for the former league MVP.