Russell Wilson Admitted To Bullying and Beating up Other Kids Before Terrorizing NFL Defenses

Russell Wilson has become one of the most recognizable players in the NFL through his tremendous talent on the field. The Seattle Seahawks star quarterback has also earned the squeaky clean reputation that has fueled his image around the league. However, Wilson wasn’t always on that pathway, growing up as a child.

Russell Wilson’s clean image and reputation

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Since entering the league, Russell Wilson has garnered the image of being the ideal NFL franchise quarterback on and off the field.

Beyond earning respect and admiration through his performance with his craft, how he carries himself as a person fueled his public image., Wilson is viewed as a professional athlete who many parents want their children to see as a sports role model.

Through his stellar play and actions off the field, he has become one of the biggest NFL stars. Wilson has a squeaky clean image, while the continued praise from teammates over the years has only further cemented that notion.

However, the Seahawks star quarterback hasn’t always conducted himself in that manner.

Russell Wilson used to bully and beat up other kids

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Over the years, Russell Wilson has become one of the league’s most prominent and well-respected players.

Before Wilson even started at the collegiate level, his persona and attitude were much different in his early childhood. In a piece written for the Players’ Tribune, the Pro Bowler admitted that his behavior and mindset were much different as an adolescent as he used to be a bully and beat up other children. (H/T Washington Post)

“I used to beat people up,” Wilson wrote. “Truthfully, I used to beat people up a lot. Many of you readers probably think I have been Mr. Goody Two-Shoes my whole life, but honestly, I was a bully growing up. In elementary and middle school, I threw kids against the wall. I rubbed their heads in the dirt at recess. I bit them. I even knocked teeth out.”

His previous lifestyle is a complete 180 from the person that Wilson has become. Given who he is now, it’s hard to envision him taking that prior path of being the child bully that beat up people. However, there was a changing moment for him as he voiced that his commitment to Christianity guided him toward a better path.

“I had a lot of anger that I didn’t know what to do with,” Wilson said. “Thankfully, I was saved by my faith when I was 14 years old and was able to start living for others instead of just myself. But if you’ve ever been at the bottom of a pile with me, you know that I still have a bit of that bully deep down inside. Just ask DeMarcus Ware.”

Although Wilson may have some of that aggressive persona left in him when it comes to his competitive nature through football, he has grown and matured.

Legacy fueled through his impact

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Russell Wilson may have had a surprising path in his childhood, but he has turned his life toward a tremendously positive direction.

Wilson has become the ideal sports role model that parents want their children to aspire to be. Meanwhile, he has continued to do respectable ventures off the field through his foundations and other charitable efforts. Wilson has put in the work with his craft and his reputation over the years to become who he is.

Wilson is on track to secure a Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, while his choices off the field could leave an even more remarkable legacy.