Ben Simmons Could Force the 76ers’ Hand With His Next Move

The Philadelphia 76ers are venturing through the offseason with uncertainty surrounding Ben Simmons‘ future. The 76ers continue to dangle the three-time All-Star in the trade market. It may now result in Simmons choosing to take action to push his way out of Philadelphia.

Ben Simmons remains on uncertain footing with the 76ers

The 76ers entered this year’s playoffs with high aspirations after earning the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

However, Philadelphia fell to another disappointing postseason departure, falling in the second round in seven games to the Atlanta Hawks. Simmons’ offensive struggles became a strong focal point of criticism as he became a non-factor.

In the fourth quarter, the three-time All-Star tallied 12 points on three total shot attempts over the seven games. It includes five contests without a single field goal attempt. The offensive issues unsurprisingly guided the 76ers front office to listen to trade offers.

The lingering unresolved dialogue may now lead Simmons to take action in his own hands.

Ben Simmons could force the 76ers’ hand with his next move

Since the 76ers playoff exit, Simmons remains a prominent name in the trade market.

However, Philadelphia hasn’t moved to any serious discussions with any teams despite several organizations such as the Golden State Warriors, Indiana Pacers, and Minnesota Timberwolves prodding around. It’s reached a point where reports are circulating that Simmons has limited his communication with the 76ers solely through his agent Rich Paul.

Another concerning layer to the matter has emerged with Paolo Uggetti of The Ringer reporting an NBA scout told him it wouldn’t be shocking to see Simmons sit out training camp.

“One scout I spoke to said they wouldn’t be surprised if Simmons considers not showing up to training camp if he hasn’t been traded,” Uggetti wrote.

It’s become a friction-filled situation that Simmons no longer sees eye-to-eye with the franchise. The 76ers are openly dangling him out in the trade market. Meanwhile, the front office hasn’t exactly committed whole-heartedly to him as a long-term backcourt fixture.

Philadelphia has made it abundantly clear Simmons is available if another team is willing to offer a trade package that includes another All-Star talent in return. Training camps around the league will be beginning in late September, putting the start date just over a month away.

Much can change in the coming weeks, but the longer Simmons’ future with the 76ers remains unresolved, it becomes increasingly likely he’s a no-show next month.

76ers will dictate Ben Simmons’ fate

As much as Simmons wants to control his NBA future, the All-Star point guard’s fate remains in the 76ers’ hands.

The 25-year-old is heading into the second year of his five-year, $177.2 million deal that runs through the 2024-25 season. It includes no player or team options, with his salary steadily increasing in increments from $33 million to roughly $40 million in the final year.

Despite Simmons’ offensive shortcomings, he remains one of the league’s top young talents. He’s a tremendous asset through his passing and defense that can significantly impact a game. He holds the ability to become a more consistent outside shooting threat behind an increased effort to build confidence and consistency.

If Simmons can make significant strides in that area, it’s hard to imagine another NBA team wouldn’t present a lucrative trade offer. It may come down to him landing in the right situation that allows him to take that next step forward.

Ultimately, time will tell if the 76ers will let Simmons experience that growth elsewhere.

Contract figures courtesy of Spotrac.

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