Ben Simmons Should Regret Failing to Follow LeBron James’ Crucial Advice

The last several months for Philadelphia star point guard Ben Simmons have been filled with frustration. Simmons remains at an impasse with the 76ers, putting his NBA career on a temporary pause. However, it may come down to his failure to adhere to LeBron James‘ critical advice.

Ben Simmons’ uncertain future in Philadelphia

After the 76ers fell to another disappointing second-round playoff exit, Simmons’ future remains cloudy.

The constant criticism directed toward the 25-year-old has guided him to voice his desire to play for another franchise. The lack of movement on that front has kept him away from Philadelphia.

Simmons is currently in the second year of his five-year, $177.2 million deal that runs through the 2024-25 campaign. His hefty contract, along with the 76ers’ high-asking price, has kept the situation unresolved.

As the three-time All-Star awaits a resolution, his failure to follow LeBron James’ advice may be the reason he’s in the tough predicament.

Ben Simmons should regret failing to follow LeBron James’ crucial advice

Simmons gathered headway as the NBA’s next potential star during his lone year at LSU, garnering constant comparisons to LeBron James.

The two shared similar playing styles as the Australian native was a forward that played like a point guard and had a comparable body frame. Simmons initially caught the star forward’s attention at age 17 as he participated in LeBron James Skills Academy. Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated reported in 2017 that it was then that James delivered critical advice to promising talent.

“You have an opportunity,” James told Simmons early on, “to be better than me. But you can’t skip steps. You have to do the work,” wrote Jenkins.

The then-Miami Heat star saw Simmons’s promising potential to become one of the league’s best talents. However, James’ remarks are now serving as a stern reminder for the 76ers All-Star point guard as he hasn’t taken that next leap forward.

He’s become a bonafide talent behind his passing and defense, but his lack of outside shooting touch remains an issue. Simmons hasn’t made any meaningful progress in that regard. Instead, it’s become an Achilles heel in his game.

Meanwhile, the comparisons to James have dwindled as he hasn’t shown offensive improvement. The Lakers star forward entered the league with questions concerning his shooting touch. He’s answered the bell by developing a reliable jump shot and becoming an effective factor from beyond the arc (34.6).

Simmons hasn’t improved in that realm, hitting 14.7% from 3-point range behind 5-of-34 in career attempts. His inability to adhere to James’ advice has led him to suffer the consequences, where his path ahead is uncertain.

76ers control Ben Simmons’ future


The Lakers’ Failed Attempt at Acquiring Ben Simmons Proves They’re Fed Up With Russell Westbrook

As much as Simmons wants to depart Philadelphia, his future sits out of control.

The 76ers remain firm on wanting a lofty trade package centered on acquiring multiple first-round draft picks and an All-Star-level talent. The organization has received significant interest around the league from several teams but denied a few trade packages.

The 76ers reportedly rejected an offer from the Portland Trail Blazers headlined by CJ McCollum. They also informed the Lakers that they hold no interest in acquiring Russell Westbrook. Simmons may be a talent with notable offensive flaws in his game, but he can be a supplementary piece.

The question becomes whether the 76ers will step down from their steep asking price to finally allow both parties to move toward a fresh start.

Contract details courtesy of Spotrac.

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