Ben Simmons Seems Totally Clueless That He’s Repeatedly Tanking His Own Trade Value, This Time With Another Hilariously Awful, Immature Decision

The Ben Simmons saga continues. The Philadelphia 76ers‘ former franchise point guard is digging in with both feet, refusing ever to wear a Philly jersey again. Meanwhile, Sixers’ general manager Daryl Morey is doing the same as he continues to rebuff whatever trade offers may be coming his way.

Simmons isn’t making it easier on either party, though, as whenever a new report leaks from his camp, it just makes it that much more challenging for everyone involved.

Ben Simmons is done with the 76ers

Ben Simmons has reiterated — in several different ways this offseason — that under no circumstances is he returning to the 76ers.

His discontent started when Morey dangled him in trade negotiations to try and land James Harden before he was dealt from Houston to Brooklyn early last season. Simmons has repeatedly told the organization he won’t report to training camp.

Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers have since done a 180 in trying to get the three-time all-star to return, but after the team’s brutal loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference semifinals last year, each called Simmons out for his role in Philly’s early exit, and he certainly wasn’t happy about being chided publicly.

Now, the former LSU star has added a new wrinkle into the ordeal.

Ben Simmons is just making things harder for himself

Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers battles for a rebound against the Atlanta Hawks.
Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers battles for a rebound against Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Atlanta Hawks during the Eastern Conference semifinals. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The latest report is that Simmons’ Philadelphia teammates were going to travel to California to try and convince the 6-foot-10 playmaker to come back and try to make things work. Simmons, apparently, wasn’t having any of it. The 76ers’ contingent was told not even to show up and that Simmons wouldn’t meet with any of them if they did.

According to a story on The Athletic, Embiid said he was disappointed with his sidekick’s decision.

“I really hope he changes his mind. I do love playing with him because he adds so much to our team. We’ve been building this team around us. I don’t see it as ‘This is my team’. I don’t care about any of that.”

Embiid on Simmons’ decision not to take a meeting with his teammates

His trade value was thought to be at its absolute lowest when Simmons disappeared in the Atlanta series. But every time a new comment surfaces, that value somehow gets even lower.

Morey is not the type of GM to accept a lesser trade just to send a player packing, so it’s completely contradictory for Ben Simmons to continue to lower his value. If he wants out of Philadelphia, he needs to do something to help get Morey a decent return package in a trade.

He’s doing the exact opposite right now.

It’s clear the No. 1 overall pick in 2016 has mentally eliminated any ties to the Sixers organization. But Simmons is repeatedly continuing to torpedo his own trade value and make everything more difficult. He doesn’t seem to comprehend this.

It’s now just a question of who will break first

Morey is a notoriously stubborn GM who hates to be on the wrong end of a trade. He refuses to accept the “75 cents on the dollar” sort of deal, essentially. But at least for now, it seems like he’s met his match in Simmons.

There has been a long list of rumored destinations for the disgruntled star. The Denver Nuggets are the latest “surprise” team. With a shift in front office power, the Minnesota Timberwolves may have thrown their hat even further into the ring.

The problem is that Morey, who kicked trade negotiations off by demanding a ridiculous sum in return for Simmons, likely isn’t turned on by any offer either team could make. Minnesota isn’t dealing Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Edwards, and the Sixers’ GM likely doesn’t want D’Angelo Russell.

The Nuggets aren’t giving away Nikola Jokic or Jamal Murray, and the franchise just signed Michael Porter Jr. to a max deal.

Either Morey will accept a lesser package, or Simmons will continue to sit out and lose gobs of money in the process. One side has to blink first, but it seems like both sides are too stubborn to blink at all.

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