Bernard Tomic Once Lost His Wimbledon Prize Money for Not Meeting the ‘Required Professional Standard’

Successful tennis player Bernard Tomic has been in the news lately for contributing to his girlfriend’s OnlyFans account.

Although the risque pictures of both figures quickly became a trending topic, it also served as a reminder of Tomic’s professional career. Tomic never turned into Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, but he was still at one point ranked among the world’s top-20 tennis players.

Tomic — who is still only 28 — has had a career on the court worth remembering. 

Bernard Tomic is a successful Australian tennis player

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Born in Germany, Bernard Tomic and his family moved to Australia when he was only three years old.

Tomic became one of the world’s top junior tennis players, winning three Orange Bowl titles; the Orange Bowl, not to be confused with the college football game, is among the most prestigious junior tour events.

Tomic began his career in 2008, when he advanced to the second round of the Australian Open at age 15. Through November 2020, Tomic is 185-181 in singles with four career titles.

Tomic has never won a Grand Slam event, although he made it to the Australian Open’s fourth round three times between 2012-16.

Tomic is no stranger to controversy

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Bernard Tomic’s brash attitude has placed him in many uncomfortable situations since going professional.

The long list of Tomic’s controversies includes saying other players weren’t good enough to practice or play with him and verbally abusing spectators.

Florida police arrested Tomic in July 2015 and charged him with resisting arrest and trespassing. According to Fox Sports, prosecutors dropped the charges later that year and Tomic’s U.S. lawyer, Chad Piotrowski, said there were ”completely inconsistent” internal hotel security reports.

In 2017, Tomic openly admitted to Channel 7 in Australia that he never loved tennis. Yahoo transcribed those comments. 

“I think all my career’s been around 50 percent and I haven’t really tried and really achieved all this, so [it’s] just amazing what I have done. … Wouldn’t anyone want to take a job in a professional sport in one of the biggest sports in the world and only give 50, 60 percent and earn millions of dollars? I think everybody would take that.”

Bernard Tomic still often finds himself in trouble. According to, Tomic said earlier this year that he was in isolation because of the coronavirus, and he had “all the symptoms.”

Andrea Petkovic, a German tennis player, said she spoke with Tomic. Petkovic said Tomic lied about having any symptoms.

Bernard Tomic had a rough go at Wimbledon in 2019

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One of Bernard Tomic’s ugliest incidents came at the 2019 Wimbledon Championships.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga defeated Tomic 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 in the opening match between them. The 58-minute match was the shortest at Wimbledon since 2004. 

Wimbledon fined Tomic his full Wimbledon prize money, which amounted to $56,100 in U.S. currency. Tournament organizers accused Tomic of not meeting the “required professional standards.”

According to the BBC, a reporter asked Tomic after the match if Tomic expected a fine.

“What for?” Tomic replied.

Considering how popular OnlyFans is, Tomic and his girlfriend, model Vanessa Sierra, may find themselves making back the $56,100 he lost over a year ago fairly quickly. 

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