The Best NFL Uniforms Belong to These 7 Teams

NFL mascots and their team colors are synonymous with our favorite players in the game, and we’ve seen some real classics over the years. Some of the more recognizable shades representing teams in the league include Denver’s Orange Crush, the Philadelphia’s former Kelly Green, the Chargers’ Powder Blue, and the patriotic New England signature colors of red-white-and-blue. The best NFL uniforms are instantly synonymous with a franchise, its city, and the die-hard fans.

There is psychology surrounding the science behind how different colors make us feel and the way they are perceived by people. For example, black is usually representative of something sleek and powerful. Meanwhile, yellow is meant to elicit optimism and youth. Red causes a rise in heart rate that creates a sense of urgency.

With this in mind, here are the top seven teams with the best NFL uniforms. Some are fearsome, others intimidating, but all of them are near-classics.

5. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints have some of the best NFL uniforms.
The New Orleans Saints have some of the best NFL uniforms. | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

What’s so scary about a group of heavenly-ordained, virtuous, and blessed individuals playing together as a team? It could be the Saints’ classic combination of bold black and gold that give them a regal look with a sense of style and daring. Designers of these uniforms were careful not to go overboard with the appearance of gold trim on the jerseys and pants as to not drown out the simplistic nature of this classic style. Don’t forget the foreboding fleur de lis symbol considered controversial in some circles.

4. Oakland Raiders (TIE)

Let’s start with Oakland’s silver-and-black which is a basic, down-right average color pairing, but there’s just something about the combination of the dark and shiny shades put together that demands attention. The black comes off as threatening, and the silver trim screams of a metallic threat. Having a grinning, forboding one-eyed pirate as a mascot has put the Raiders on many lists of some of the most intimidating teams in the NFL. Between the classic color combination and mischievous mascot, the Raiders have some of the best NFL uniforms of all time.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TIE)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the other team in the league well-known for sporting pirates as the symbol for their players. Similar to skull-and-crossbones (technically they’re swords) as showcased by the Raiders, the Bucs opted for the addition of a football adorning their headgear. Along with black trim, the deep red tone gives the ensemble more depth and make the players seem like a bigger, bloodier threat.

3. Baltimore Ravens

What’s so frightening about a medium-sized, dark black bird? Think about Edgar Allan Poe, who frightened dozens of generations of readers with his chilling 1865 poem titled The Raven. If a group of crows is called a murder, then a team of purple-and-black adorned Baltimore Ravens make some opponents wonder if they’re heading for a serious beat down.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (TIE)

The Philadelphia Eagles have some of the best NFL uniforms.
The whole combo gives the Eagles some of the best uniforms in the NFL. | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles might not stand out as having some of the best NFL uniforms, but several elements of the jerseys are top notch. Philly’s midnight green helmets work well with all three jerseys: white, black, and midnight green. Plus, the eagle’s wings adorning either side of the dome are unique to the league. And let’s not forget the fierce screaming eagle emblem on the shoulders of the jerseys.

Rumor has it that the Eagles plan to use their classic Kelly green getup as an alternative uniform choice for the 2020 season.

2. Seattle Seahawks (TIE)

Fans of tradition might not like the way the Seattle Seahawks dress on game days, but they still might have some of the best uniforms in the NFL. Their use of neon green with complementary navy blue is a striking color combination, and the bird’s head emblem that wraps around the back of the helmet is one of a kind. Plus, all three of their pants colors (dark blue, bright green, and gray) work well with their primary blue and white home and away jerseys.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

We refer back to the color psychology concept we mentioned earlier when we claim the Bengals have the best NFL uniforms in 2019. Their shade of orange is associated with the presence of impending danger as seen on construction site signs and other cautionary notes. Combine the fiery color with the tiger stripes showcased on the helmets and shoulders, and you’ve got yourself the complete package for the Cincinnati Bengals.