Bill Belichick: 4 Scandalous Things You Didn’t Know About the Patriots Coach

Bill Belichick is the most recognizable coach in the NFL as his Patriots have seen success for nearly two decades. During this time, he’s developed a reputation as a curmudgeonly hermit who does not like anything getting out about him. But people talk, and the legend of Belichick includes alleged stories he may prefer to keep hidden. In the age of the internet, however, this is hard to do. 

1. Bill Belichick is a party animal

In college, Belichick reportedly had a reputation as a party animal. The Chi Psi fraternity member developed a knack for partying that his college friends remember to this day. The economics major’s antics allegedly included urinating on rival frat houses and shooting soda machines with shotguns. 

This party-boy reputation left him with adulthood, right? Maybe not. While Belichick seems like a guy who isn’t having fun unless he’s winning an NFL game, he’s been known to go out and have a good time, too. Fellow party animal Rob Gronkowski implied that he needed to out-party his coach following the team’s Super Bowl win in February 2019. 

2. Belichick’s alleged philandering lifestyle

Belichick has also been known to live his life on the prowl, reports the New York Post. The problem is that he allegedly did this while still married to his high school sweetheart. During a 2007 divorce proceeding, it came out that a woman named Sharon Shenocca was getting a large secret income.

This income allegedly came from Belichick, who was reportedly seeing Shenocca while both were married. Although she initially denied that he was the person paying her, Shenocca later said that it was, in fact, Belichick providing her with the perceived hush-money. 

3. Belichick won’t talk about CTE and concussions

While the NFL is constantly doing things to cut back on CTE problems, Belichick continues to dodge questions about the rampant health concerns. When former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder and hanged himself in his cell, his girlfriend sued both the NFL and Patriots, claiming they did nothing to prevent head trauma, which may have spurred Hernandez’s violent tendencies.

Belichick was asked about head trauma in the NFL. Instead of discussing it, the coach played coy, stating he does not participate in the medical side of the NFL. This is not the only time Belichick has refused to talk about serious issues. He consistently dodges questions about concussion protocol instead of speaking out for player safety. 

4. Belichick won’t join the NFL Coaches Association

While the NFL often stresses the importance of unity and loyalty, Belichick wants no part in it when it comes to coaching. Fans of the Madden video games may notice that Belichick is absent from the games, while other coaches are often represented. That is because Belichick refuses to join the NFL Coaches Association. 

Nobody seems to know why Belichick is such a stick in the mud, but many presume it’s because he’s never enjoyed that side of football. The Patriots legend loves the on-field aspect, but he does not like the press, extra commitment, and stage-like atmosphere that accompanies it. According to Yahoo, this refusal to join the Coaches Association is Belichick’s way of getting back at the establishment he fights so hard against.