Bill Belichick Leads a Group of 4 Super Bowl Winners Who Are the Highest-Paid Coaches in American Sports

The New England Patriots are relevant again after missing the playoffs in Tom Brady’s first year away from the organization. However, in 2021, Bill Belichick is again flexing his muscles as one of the best head coaches of all time — with a rookie quarterback, nonetheless.

It is hard to believe that he is still the best coach in the NFL. Yet, here we are.

More than that, Belichick is the highest-paid head coach, not just in the NFL, but in all of the American sports. The following three highest-paid head coaches all have Super Bowl rings in their trophy cases, and it just shows how valuable a successful head coach is in the NFL.

Bill Belichick tops the list of highest-paid coaches with an absurd dollar figure

Can you believe how much money Belichick makes per season? It is astronomical.

According to a report by Kurt Badenhausen of Sportico, Belichick is making $18 million in 2021. Yes, $18 million.

One season, $18 million, over $1 million per regular-season game. That is absurd. However, it is justifiable for Belichick to be making such an eye-popping amount.

After all, the Patriots head coach has done nothing but win since taking the job at the turn of the century. Nine Super Bowl trips and six Super Bowl victories for Belichick — all with Tom Brady — have gotten him to the point of earning the highest salary in all American sports.

In 2020, Cam Newton took over for Brady and the Patriots missed out on the playoffs. But, with Mac Jones in his first year under center, the Patriots are relevant again and are scorching hot — and right in the thick of the AFC playoff picture after the first half of the season.

As if Belichick needs to prove anything, the Patriots are firing on all cylinders. Rob Gronkowski is gone, Julian Edelman retired, and many assistant coaches have departed from New England over the years to take head-coaching gigs elsewhere, even though they haven’t been too successful.

Despite all that, Belichick keeps this team competitive, and his success is the biggest reason for him earning the top spot on the list.

The next three names after Bill Belichick all have Super Bowl victories on their resume

Win a Super Bowl, get paid. It happens.

On the same list, the following three highest-paid coaches after Belichick all have a Super Bowl victory to their name.

Second on the list is Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, earning $14 million on the year. Oddly enough, Carroll has a College Football title while he roamed the sidelines at USC.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton ($14 million) and Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid ($12 million) round out the top four — all belonging to the NFL. In fact, 14 of the 25 belong to the NFL, and there are some surprising names on that list.

Winning is everything; just ask the NFL coaches that get fired after a couple of losing seasons. Oddly enough, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is at No. 9 on the list, making $9.5 million. He is the only one on the list with a losing record, and talks have circulated about him being on the hot seat despite the massive number.

Belichick has set the standard for sports everywhere. Nick Saban has appeared to set the standard for the college ranks, and the Alabama head coach is earning $10.7 million after building a dynasty.

There are some surprising names on the list in the NFL circles

Patriots HC Bill Belichick after winning the Super Bowl.
Head Coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots | Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Bill Belichick Can Thank a Talented Trio For Transforming the Patriots From Pretenders to Legitimate Super Bowl Contenders

The list has NBA head coaches such as Gregg Popovich and Steve Kerr. It also has Saban, Jimbo Fisher, and Dabo Swinney — all of whom have enjoyed success in college football.

John Calipari from Kentucky also cracks the list, and he has developed a ton of NBA players in his time in college hoops.

But there are some appalling names on the NFL side of things. Urban Meyer, the first-year NFL head coach who has constantly been under fire this year, earns $9 million.

The former Las Vegas Raiders head coach, Jon Gruden, signed a massive 10-year, $100 million contract when he was initially hired. Even now, that is a ton of money for an NFL head coach.

Matt Rhule and Frank Reich are two other surprising names, and we already mentioned Shanahan’s high number for his losing record.

To sum it up, the NFL is where you want to go to become a head coach. The money is excessive. Win a Super Bowl, and you get paid even more.

Contract Details Courtesy of Sportico