Bill Belichick’s $150,000 Gift to a Former Giants Receptionist Came to Light During Her Divorce

Bill Belichick has put together an impressive NFL coaching career that will land him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day. Belichick‘s path hasn’t come with some controversy along the way during his New England Patriots‘ tenure. These questionable decisions also apparently go off the field into his personal life.

Bill Belichick’s illustrious coaching career checkered with scandals

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Throughout his tenure with the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick has experienced tremendous success.

Belichick has helped guide the franchise to six Super Bowl wins in nine appearances, 17 AFC East division titles, and 13 AFC Championship Game trips. He has also garnered plenty of controversy along the way that has put some question marks around his Patriots’ coaching career.

The 68-year-old has had a few scandals around him that have brought forth significant scrutiny and criticism. The conversation began with reportedly filming the then-St. Louis Rams walkthrough ahead of Super Bowl 36. The story has since been retracted, but the stigma has stuck around.

However, things took another concerning turn in 2007 when it was discovered the Patriots were signal-stealing during a regular-season game against the New York Jets. A league investigation into the matter found some handwritten diagrams of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive signals at the team’s headquarters.

Although there isn’t any direct correlation for Belichick to Deflategate involving quarterback Tom Brady, the incident occurred under his watch. There were also teams such as the Steelers complaining in the 2015 season that their headsets weren’t working at Gillette stadium.

Belichick also had a scandal during his NFL career that didn’t exactly have to do with gaining an advantage on an opponent.

Bill Belichick once had an affair with a former Giants receptionist

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In 2007, Bill Belichick’s name surfaced in a manner that he hoped didn’t after becoming involved in a divorce court case.

Sharon Shenocca testified in February 2007 that Belichick sent her at least $150,00 to pay for lavish vacations as she labeled it as being only through his “generosity.”

Shenocca previously met the future Hall of Fame head coach when they worked with the New York Giants. She served as a receptionist while he was an assistant coach. The relationship between the two came to the public light after Shenocca and her husband, Vincent Shenocca, split in 2006.

Vincent accused his wife of adultery with Belichick, which became a prevalent topic in the court case. However, he dropped that discussion entirely; the financial support that the Patriots head coach provided gave the feeling of “hush” money for the situation.

Personal life crumbles from the affair situation

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The Shenocca court case shed a damaging light on Bill Belichick’s actions due to the details revealed.

Sharon admitted that she lied and stated that the Patriots head coach had bought a renovated $2.2 million Brooklyn townhouse for her and her kids to live in.

The payments included her vacations to Florida, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico while receiving $50,000 for rentals at Jersey Store. Vincent later allegedly won the custody case over Sharon, which had a massive impact on Belichick’s personal life.

His name involved in the situation only further worsened things with his longtime wife, Debby Clarke. His wife, who the two have three children, chose to finalize a divorce in 2006.

Belichick has moved on in his personal life as he’s been in a long-term relationship with Linda Holliday since 2007. Holliday currently holds the position of Executive Director Belichick’s foundation.