Bill Belichick’s Strict Rule for Drafting Successful Players

Throughout the last two decades, the New England Patriots have been the toast of the NFL behind their unmatched success. That has seen head coach Bill Belichick raise his way up to being regarded as one of the greatest at his craft behind what he has achieved with the franchise over his tenure. That has also come with him setting the tone in various manners that have been uniquely different in many different ways. Among that has been the approach to taking players in the draft that has often seen the team taking players that weren’t widely raved as promising prospects. There’s another crucial aspect recently revealed of how Belichick may be going about taking players in the draft.

Bill Belichick’s legendary career

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Bill Belichick has become the gold standard in the NFL for success over the years behind his tremendous success with the Patriots.

He has stacked up quite the resume over the years as he has helped lead the team to 17 AFC East division titles that include 13 AFC Championship Game appearances, nine Super Bowl appearance, and six wins on that stage. He is currently the longest-tenured head coach who holds the all-time playoff record with 31 wins and ranks third with 261 regular-season victories.

Belichick’s success has followed a strict formula that includes a stern guideline that he has for the draft process.

Bill Belichick’s determining factor for taking player in NFL draft

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When it comes to the draft, Bill Belichick has his methods in how hie approaches the entire experience.

Belichick has shown that he has no issue with taking a player from any college if he fits into the team’s structure and can be an impact talent. Beyond the skill and ability on the field, he has another requirement as offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia voiced during a recent interview with Sirius XM Radio that the team utilizes the Wonderlic IQ test as a baseline for a players’ potential. (H/T Brian Mazique of

“They have to be smart enough. It’s hard to play with guys that aren’t mentally flexible at the line of scrimmage and don’t get the checks, and don’t understand that plays get packaged, so ‘if we don’t have this, we have to go to that.’ They have to be smart, so what does that equate to? I’m not saying everyone has to have a Wonderlic of over 30. I’m not saying they have to have a Wonderlic of over 20. But usually for us, kind of the defining line is 17, 18. Guys below that, we’ve found, the mistakes they made this week, they’re going to make them two weeks from now.”

It all comes down to a players’ habits that Belichick uses with the test that may be the deeper intentions of why it’s done. The test helps give more substantial insight into the mind of any player that could have a more significant impact on the assessment that teams could have.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise that Belichick is taking things to a much deeper level than what most coaches do to continue to help put together successful seasons.

Patriots’ future with Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick is always looking to garner any additional insight into any given situation when it comes to football.

The fact that he has a guideline level for the Wonderlic test score shows him taking the extra measure to find the player that best fits his system. Although he hasn’t necessarily hit it out of the park with his draft picks over the years, but he has undoubtedly found players that have fit his system.

It has been that approach that he will continue to depend on to help push the franchise forward, especially after the departure of Tom Brady.