Bills WR Cole Beasley’s Pregame Routine Might Make His Most Devoted Fans Sick to Their Stomach

Star quarterback Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills should be thanking the football gods for Cole Beasley.

Always a productive receiver in Dallas, Beasley has taken his game to a new level since signing with the Bills in 2019. If Buffalo hopes to take down Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in the AFC divisional round, they’ll need Beasley to continue his career-best season. 

Fans watching at home likely won’t see Beasley’s pregame routine — and they, especially the squeamish, might be better off.

Cole Beasley has had a very underrated NFL career

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Undrafted out of SMU in 2012, Cole Beasley is yet another reminder of how the most dedicated athletes can overcome anything in their way.

Despite standing 5 feet 8 inches and 147 pounds, Beasley is in his ninth NFL season — and this most recent one, his age-31 campaign, is easily his best. Across those nine seasons, Beasley has 468 catches for 5,016 yards and 33 touchdowns in the regular season.

In seven playoff games through Jan. 12, 2021, Beasley has 26 receptions for 290 yards, although he is still waiting to snag his first postseason touchdown.

Beasley has played a crucial role in the Buffalo Bills’ success

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The Buffalo Bills deserve credit for taking a risk and signing Beasley to a four-year, $29 million contract in March 2019.

Beasley, a productive slot receiver, also received $14.4 million in guaranteed money. So far, Beasley has more than lived up to expectations and proved his value to the Bills.

Beasley turned 139 receptions into 1,745 yards and 10 touchdowns in his first two years with the Bills. The veteran wideout played a crucial role in Josh Allen’s excellent 2020 season, setting career-highs in receptions (82) and receiving yards (967) in 15 games and 10 starts.

Beasley also caught four touchdowns in the regular season. He had seven receptions for 57 yards in the Bills’ wild-card round victory over Philip Rivers and the Colts.

Cole Beasley has a disturbing pregame warmup routine

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Professional athletes often turn to music, suits, or lucky charms during their pregame routine.

Cole Beasley goes a bit further than simply walking in with his headphones or munching on a good-luck snack prior to kickoff.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Beasley throws up before each game. Beasley has stuck to that routine since he played in high school.

“I go into a game, I want to have a great game and I get nervous. I feel like I play better when I’m nervous. If I’m ever laid back and not really nervous, I know something’s wrong. I get so nervous, it makes me wanna puke. But I guess it makes me a little lighter for the game and I always do better.”

Beasley has been around this league long enough to do whatever he wants, especially if he believes it to be safe. If Buffalo makes the Super Bowl this season, CBS may want to avoid focusing too much on Beasley during warmups.

Although, given that Beasley’s former teammate, Tony Romo, will likely be on the call that night, the more squeamish of football fans should duck for cover if they hear Romo mention Beasley and “pregame” in the same sentence.

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