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NBA players do their best to stay out of the public eye when they’re off the basketball court, but sometimes that’s impossible to do when their home addresses are plastered all over the internet. For Brooklyn Nets star Blake Griffin, he received a terrifying reminder of that lack of privacy when he awoke to three masked intruders inside his home.

Griffin was petrified when he checked the security cameras later and saw one of the men enter his room while he was asleep.

Three masked men broke into Blake Griffin’s home when he lived in Los Angeles

Blake Griffin had a scary experience with three masked men.
Blake Griffin of the Brooklyn Nets looks for a pass in a game against the Milwaukee Bucks | Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Back when Griffin was still with the Los Angeles Clippers, he experienced one of the scariest nights of his entire life.

It all went down after a Clippers home game in which Griffin got injured. The team flew out of town that night for a road trip, but Griffin stayed behind because he wasn’t going to be able to play.

After putting his son to sleep and going to bed for the night, Griffin was woken up by his fiancée who heard a noise downstairs.

“My fiancée at the time woke up and was like, ‘Did you hear that?’” Griffin explained recently on In Depth with Graham Bensinger. “I just grab my phone, and I look on the (security) camera to look in [my son’s] room, and I see him in his crib and I’m like, ‘Huh.’ And then I’m looking at the other cameras. I see the outside motion light on. So I rewind the cameras and I’m watching, I’m watching, I’m watching. I’m literally about to click my phone off and I see three dudes in masks walk out of my kitchen and walk toward the back door.”

Griffin was so scared he could barely move.

“Chills literally from the top of my… I will never forget. Top of my head to my feet, just all the way down.”

One of the intruders was 15 feet away from Griffin while he slept

After the initial shock wore off, Griffin sprung into action.

“I think I grabbed the baseball bat that was by the bed, and I told her to call the police,” Griffin told Bensinger. “And they showed up fast — like six in the front, guns drawn. And I opened the front door and the guy’s like, ‘Hey, we got guys in the backyard right now, and also a helicopter’s on the way.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. Really?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, we got nothing to do.’”

Thankfully for Griffin and his family, the intruders left the house without harming anyone inside. But it was still terrifying for the NBA star to rewatch the security footage.

So we found out I had just stupidly left the sliding door open. And they came in the sliding door. One of them went downstairs, one of them stayed on the main level, and one of them went upstairs and came up, turned on the light, looked in, saw me in bed, and then just went back downstairs.

So he was 15 feet away from me. I was just dead asleep.

Blake Griffin

As it turns out, the intruders chose that night to strike because they figured Griffin would be on a plane with the rest of the team. When police eventually caught the mystery men, they learned the criminals broke into DeAndre Jordan’s house a few weeks prior when the Clippers were on the road.

Luckily, the masked men weren’t out to harm anyone.

Solidifying his home security with a furry friend

After the frightening incident, Griffin knew he had to beef up his home security. And what better way to do that than with a trusty guard dog?

“I got a home protection German Shepherd. He was like a SWAT dog,” Griffin said. “I obviously beefed up my security in my house. I put the alarm on every night and made sure every door was locked, but everybody said the best home protection was a dog… or a shotgun, and I wasn’t getting a shotgun.

“He just puts the fear of God in people’s eyes.”

You hear that, robbers? Don’t even think about trying Griffin’s house again.

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