Blake Griffin’s Fallback Career Is Hilarious

Blake Griffin is still one of the most athletic players in the NBA as he enters into his thirties. Although people may not have been paying as much attention to him after his move to Detroit, he had one of his best seasons as a professional during his first full season with the Pistons. He could have more star seasons in him if he can stay healthy. Griffin, however, may be looking toward another career already, and it is not one that is typically reserved for a professional athlete.

Blake Griffin is a stand-up guy

Griffin first surprised fans in 2016 when he took the stage in Montreal at the “Just for Laughs” festival. Hosting a show, he began with a comedy set of his own, speaking about everything from postgame interviews to trades, relationships, and strip clubs. He had the crowd laughing the entire time. Blake has always been a charismatic player, but this was a different side of him.

Other athletes have taken fans with their humor. Shaquille O’Neal made fans and media laugh throughout his playing career, and even organized comedy events throughout his career. Bill Walton is another player who made people laugh during his career and transferred that into a successful career as a television commentator. 

The Blake Griffin method of going on stage and performing, however, is not as common. He appears to take his ambitions very seriously, however, and three years after his debut, Griffin is still pursuing his dreams in comedy.

Following his dreams 

Several players have non-basketball hobbies that they do alongside basketball. Damian Lillard, Marvin Bagley III, Iman Shumpert, and several other players across the NBA have made hip hop their off-the-court passion. Other players, like Golden State Warrior Willie Cauley-Stein, have taken solace in the world of art, painting pictures to help unwind from their day jobs. 

Blake Griffin’s move to Detroit would theoretically put a damper on his comedy career, but Griffin has shown no signs of stopping. In a 2018 interview with Bleacher Report, he doubled down on his desire to pursue comedy and hone his craft while he is still in the NBA.

“It’s something down the road, a second career when I’m done playing basketball,” Griffin said in the interview. “My whole idea is to start now, to get in and meet a bunch of people, shadow people and learn the ins and outs so when I’m done playing, I’m not starting fresh.”

Griffin grew up watching the standup of legends like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, and as he grew up he never lost his passion for comedy. He’s appeared in comedy sketches throughout his career, even participating in a series of sketches for Funny Or Die and taking an “internship” during the 2011 lockout. He’s used his status to court the help of comedians like Neal Brennan, who have helped him hone his craft. 

Going forward

Blake Griffin has seen more opportunities open up since first stepping on stage. A 2017 comedy event saw him perform his set alongside comedy greats such as John Mulaney and Norm Macdonald, and he has even followed LeBron James and Steph Curry to the world of television, where he has been trying to get an animated show called Okies of Bel-Air off the ground. 

Most recently, Blake Griffin took his comedic chops to comedy central, where he served as one of the roasters at the Roast of Alec Baldwin. At the roast, he got a lot of genuine laughter from both the crowd and the other comics, roasting everyone from Baldwin himself to Caitlyn Jenner and Robert De Niro. Griffin is taking comedy very seriously, and if he keeps it up, he could be the next athlete to break into the field of entertainment.